Looking for a Vehicle Upgrade? Best Features of 2019

You’ve held onto your current vehicle for years and years to the point where it feels more like a part of the family than a car. Maybe you’ve surpassed 200,000 miles or perhaps you’re just in need of some more modern features with an upgraded vehicle. But if it’s been a few years since you’ve purchased a new car, you’re going to want to brush up on your standard (and luxury) vehicle knowledge. With each year, comes amazing new features and innovations in vehicle engineering— and 2019 is no exception. So if you’re finding yourself a little lost on your hunt for a vehicle upgrade, look no further. We’ve gathered the best entertainment and convenience vehicle features of 2019 to keep on your radar while you’re shopping for a new set of wheels.


Integrated entertainment has become one of the most important features to consumers in 2019. Whether it’s because we have more access to media than ever before, or we’ve just become accustomed to a higher standard of entertainment quality, you can be the judge. But either way, car manufacturing companies have answered the modern consumer’s calls with big entertainment features and endless possibilities.

Smartphone Connectivity: Practically every newer vehicle on the market has some sort of smartphone connectivity option. Whether it’s via Bluetooth or AUX cable, there are tons of ways to access your favorite songs, podcasts, and more right from the comfort of your car. But in 2019, most manufacturers have rolled out even “smarter” smartphone connections with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, many with the added benefit of voice control. Get directions, play media, take calls, or send texts totally hands-free with this convenient feature. And if you’re not quite ready for an upgrade but need an audio solution fast, consider installing an aftermarket stereo.

Virtual Reality: Now this feature is pretty insane. Audi has found a way to turn your average run to the grocery store or unbearably long road trip into a legendary entertainment experience. By taking the motion of the vehicle and combining it with immersive visuals by Disney, Audi has created a VR style video game that ensures your passengers are always entertained— no matter where you’re headed. Can’t wait to try out this feature? Welcome to the club. Find your local dealer ASAP to find the best deal whether you’re looking for a new Audi near Seattle, Boston, or Atlanta— you’ve got to test drive this feature to believe the hype.

Self-Driving Vehicles: So, maybe we’re not quite here yet— but self-driving cars seem to come up with every big discussion of what’s to come in the future of personal vehicles. German tech company Bosch has unleashed their new driverless shuttle as a candidate to enhance urban transportation in the coming years. On top of that, some US companies are hoping to use AI-driven cars revolutionize the trucking industry.


When you’re shopping for a new car, you’re probably going to be looking for features that make life easier than with your last vehicle. With new cars in 2019, you’ll be just fine.

Easy Towing: If you’ve been looking for an easy way to tow your Airstream trailer, Chevrolet has your answer. Their new 2019 Silverado 1500 solves the challenge of towing using display and smartphone technology. Chevrolet’s trailering app allows drivers to test trailer lights and also provides a step-by-step guide to make sure everything is set up just right before you hit the road. Plus, the rearview camera allows you to check-in on the trailer’s connection and helps you navigate out of tricky parking spots and turnarounds.

Customized Driving Experience: If you’re searching for a truly incredible driving experience, the iPace feature from Jaguar is what you’ll need. This AI based feature can learn a driver’s preferences like climate control, seat adjustments, and even music preferences to set up each ride like a custom journey. Imagine starting your vehicle for a congested commute home and smooth jazz is already on, the seat warmers are set at just the right temperature, and the AC is gently providing air circulation throughout the cabin— is it heaven or just the perfect vehicle? Check out Kelley Blue Book to see what the ideal Jaguar will cost in your region.

In Conclusion

When shopping for an upgraded vehicle, it’s best to consider your basic needs first— including safety, practicality, and performance. But if you’re looking for a car that really exceeds your needs and expectations, follow these tips and you’ll be driving off the lot in the vehicle of your dreams in no time!

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