Lucid’s Next Air Sudan Took A Extreme Cold Weather Testing

Before the official unveiling of any vehicle, it has to undergo several testings to test the strong competencies of the vehicle on the low-friction surface. The multiple tests, which are conducted before the production of cars include stability control, antilock braking, battery test, traction control, and weather test. The weather testing is done to examine how the engine and the vehicle works in harsh or frigid weather. Likewise, Lucid upcoming electric vehicle Lucid Air Sedan went under extreme cold weather testing before its final production. 

The new Lucid Air was decided to launch at the New York Auto Show but due to the world pandemic, things didn’t work according to the plan and the unveiling is temporarily delayed. It was indeed a good decision of postponing production as it is difficult to imagine any new vehicle launch before the end of the global pandemic. Almost all the car manufacturing company has temporarily stopped their production to maintain social and work distancing. However, some are playing their part by switching their production line.

According to the current situation, no one knows when the economy will power boost again and the production work will be resumed. No retailers or car dealers are expected to invest in the auto industry unless the crisis ends but you can still purchase a vehicle of your choice from ads located on the website called Zemotor, which is the online car selling and purchasing hub of new and used cars. Here, you can find a plethora of electric vehicles of different models at an affordable price.

Lucid Air - Extreme Cold Weather Testing

On Apr 21, 2020, Lucid released a video of the ultimate cold-weather testing of Lucid Air, which they conducted months ago. In that video, it was beautifully showcased how well the car can do on ice-covered roads in extreme weather conditions. The video went viral in no time and got a million views in 24 hours of its release. There were 2 tests conducted, which include Beta 4 and Beta 5 at the temperature of -27 degree Fahrenheit.  The prototype proved the aerodynamics of EV Air by the high-speed stability of a top speed of 217 mph. 

The test was taken on the packed snow surface with polished ice in Northern Minnesota and every car driver know that the cold weather condition act vigorously on the battery. Although the company hasn’t disclosed the battery results of the performed tests. But the video shows the cool performance of Lucid Air on the white surface. You can also find some other cars on Zemotor, that perform effectively in such harsh weather conditions. 

Features of Lucid Air

The simple, clean, and perfect design of Lucid Air is the future of luxury according to the makers as they brag that the magnificent piece is on its way and can be yours by a simple refundable deposit of $1000 only. You can reserve a unit of Air for yourself before its launch. Mentioned below are some of the most alluring features of EV Lucid Air:

Battery - The best electric range sedan, Lucid Air will come with a 900-volt battery system so that it can get charged in lesser time with a higher rate

Comfortable Interior - The standard rear seating will provide supreme comfort with a legroom capacity for 3 adults. Whereas, the optional executive rear seating can be lean back till 55 degrees so that it becomes easier to stretch or relax while traveling at a long route 

Exhilarating Performance - you can expect a spectacular performance of more than 400 miles of range. No more anxiety while driving on a long route with the Lucid’s electric vehicle, Air

About the Company 

Lucid Motors, Inc. was established in 2007 with its headquarters in Newark, California. The American automobile company is doing its best in manufacturing electric vehicles. Previously it was known as, Atieva and they used to make EV batteries and other related parts for other automobile companies. In October 2016, the company was rebranded and it was officially announced its decision of manufacturing electric vehicles. They hired around 500 experienced employees that were previously working for the giants of the automobile industry like Mazda and Tesla.

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