What is Pearl Paint? You Definitely Need to Know

Pearl paints are just one of the type of paints used on vehicles, but because of it unique properties, it is very interesting to use on cars. Wondering what pearl paints will look like when applied on a car? You will be amazed with a peal-painted car? A pearl-painted car looks stunning and elegant. You will be amazed by the changing color of the vehicle when you look at it from different angles and how it shines when exposed to light. These are the properties of pearl paints.


Pearl car paints are created by the mixture of pigments and dyes with the addition of pearlescent pigment to obtain wide varieties of color. Pearl paints may look similar to a metallic paint because of their final coating but they are not alike. A pearl paint when looked from a different angle, the color of the car will appear to change. But for metallic paint, it does not give such illusions.

There are so many types of car paint but Pearl car paint is so unique for its color changing ability. If you want to make your car look exotic and fabulous, then you should try using pearl paint on your next car repainting job.

Properties Of Pearl Paints

The properties of pearl paints are listed below

  • Stays longer on vehicles
  • Withstands UV-rays
  • Great resistance to abrasion

Types Of Pearl Car Painting System

Pearl paints are usually applied on the car in two different ways. They are:

Two- stage pearl car paint color, also known as the base-coat and clear-coat system. It is the application of the pearl paint in two main layers, the base-coat, and the clear-coat. A two-stage pearl coat is normally easy to apply and is very cheap.

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Three-stage pearl car paint, also known as the basecoat, mid-coat, and clear-coat system. This is the system where you will have a colored basecoat, and a translucent mid-coat with pearl and then a clear-coat is placed on it. Three-stage pearl paint is usually difficult to apply on the car and also more expensive than the two-stage pearl paint. However, the end product cannot be compared with the other painting car systems.

The layers in which pearl paint is applied on the car is explained below


is normally the first coat to be applied to the car. It serves as a leveler, protector (which will protect the car from heat difference, corrosion, UV light and so on), and also as an adhesive between the basecoat and the component.


is the second stage after the prime-coat is correctly applied. It is usually referred to as the paint and it contains the physical properties of the color and it effect. Basecoat is usually divided into three. They are:

  • Solid paint - This does not contain any shining properties in them just only the color. They are usually easy to apply and are widely used on heavy-duty vehicles, construction vehicles, and aircraft. They are not for beautification.
  • Metallic paint – This has some aluminum fragments in them which create a grainy effect in them and also make them shine; the effect is commonly called metallic look. It is usually more difficult to apply because it needs to be applied evenly to guarantee a regular looking finish without mottling (light and dark spot which is caused by inconsistency in the application of the paint).
  • Pearlescent paint – This contains several colorful pigments which are referred to as “Pearls”. It makes the paint have a sparkling finish on where it is applied.

The Mid-coat

is not usually applied when using a three-stage pearl car painting style. The only advantage of the mid-coat is that it makes the clear-coat unique and durable.

The Clear-coat

which is also known as the Top-coat is the final coat which is usually sprayed on the Basecoat and sometimes the Mid-coat (where it is applied). The clear-coat is usually polished and transparent and they connect with the environment. And because of this clear-coat are usually more durable, can withstand scratching and are strong enough to resist UV rays. Clear-coat can be mixed with either water or solvent.

Types Of Pearl Paint Pigments

Xirallic pearl pigment

This is new in the automotive coating industry and it has gained ground because of its clean, chromatic color with high shine properties. It is made from the synthetic aluminum oxide base substrate and arranged and treated for it end product.

Mica pearl pigment

This is the most common type of pearl and it has been in the market for more than 50 years already. It is made from a mica substrate which is gotten from the earth and processed to create different shining effect and color variance. It may be the most common type of pearl but it is not as clean as the Xirallic pearl pigment.

Glass pearl pigment

This is also known as Ice pearl pigment is made from glass (borosilicate platelets) which gives it a high degree of transparency and shining effects. They have some kind of matchless looks and are usually larger in size which causes a problem when it is been assembled. A unique part is that it has a very nice, clear tri-coat looks even in lighter color and it shines more than the other two. It is more expensive than the mica pearl pigment.


Well, with all the above articles I know all your questions about pearl paints would have been answered. The best part is that pearl paint last longer on cars than the other type of paints and are unequal because of its sparkling and color changing properties when looked from different perspectives. However, before you buy and use a pearl paint, ask an expert because pearl paints and metallic paints look exactly alike.

Although pearl paints may be a bit more expensive, they are more durable as they can withstand UV rays and resist abrasion. If you want to change your car’s exterior paint, I recommend you to use pearl paint and you will never regret it.

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