Regular Car Maintenance And Why You Need It

Regular Car Maintenance And Why You Need It infographic

Regular Car Maintenance And Why You Need It infographic

Having your own car is very convenient. It is easier for you to travel. You don’t have to rush to the next station to catch a bus or a train. You can just simply set out and drive. Traveling in your own car is relatively cheaper and less time consuming.

Having your own car is simply like having your own kids or your own pets. It must be well taken care of, washed and should be checked regularly. They can be also expensive, especially if there are parts that need some work to do. But why is it important to send your car for a regular car maintenance check? And what is auto maintenance?

Auto Maintenance is similar to bringing your car to the doctor but in this case, you are bringing your car to a mechanic. Auto maintenance is actually checking your car if it is in a good condition to be driven out in a long or short distance. Auto maintenance not only checks but also repairs and prevents accidents in the future.


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Auto maintenance is often scheduled depending on the car model and the driving condition of the car. There are certain parameters that are considered by car makers in when the car should be taken for a regular check. The parameters are the number of trips that the car travels on per day, the kind of road it usually treks, the weight of the load it carries, how long it travels and the weather condition. With these parameters considered the mechanic can now schedule a date for you and your car

Common car maintenance

Common car maintenance is the common checkups that are done at any day, any season. Some of these are done by the mechanic; some will be done by you, for example, car wash, changing oil and much more. These tasks are very easy, regularly checking your car is very important because these will prevent you from getting into accidents due to mechanical error. Things that are often checked during the regular car maintenance include:

  • Checking they lights and windshields
  • Chassis lubrication, oil change- it should be done regularly, every three to four months
  • Seat belts and tire pressure should be checked quarterly
  • Tire alignment, brake fluids, and brakes should be inspected every 6 months
  • Air filter and fuel filters should be replaced when needed.
  • Air conditioner must be check during the spring season
  • Automatic transmissions should be checked every 24,000 to 100,000 miles
  • Cooling system must be refuelled and  flushed every 5 to 8 years tops
  • Hoses and seatbelts must be replaced after 8 years.

Winter car maintenance

 Winter Car maintenance is very important. Due to seasonal changes, there is a possibility that your car might not work well on the cold winter season. It is best that you take precaution, like stocking up de-ice, changing your oil, inspects the lights and wipers, coolant levels and the tires. Tuning up your car is very important to avoid future problems that are car-related.

Importance of Car Maintenance 

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  • Safety of the driver

Car maintenance is very important because it keeps your car in check. Keeping your car in good condition is a must, especially if you travel by car.  In the past, many accidents happen due to improper care of cars. A number of road accidents happen because there was a problem with the brakes or the engine decided to stop working.  

It is very important that you check your car before you leave the house. It is also important that you have a mechanic once in a while. Sending your car to a mechanic once in a while might be a little costly but sometimes, we need to take precautions to avoid bigger mishaps in the future. Minor car concerns should not be taken lightly, but rather they should be taken seriously and repaired as soon as possible.

  • Durability of the car

Regular maintenance lengthens the durability of your car. It does not keep safe but cars also a good investment. Having a well-tuned car can be pawned of sold if you have to. Many vintage car owners would have their cars regularly check.  For vintage cars, the older it gets expensive they become, especially if those cars are limited edition series or a collectible item. You can also pass it down to your kids when the time comes.  Well-maintained cars never get out of style.

Mechanics are the experts

Many people would often try to fix and maintain their car on their own. But sometimes, (even if it might dent our pockets) having a mechanic do the maintenance for you is something that you should seriously consider. They know more about cars more than we do. They know which part needs to be replaced and what is the name of the parts to replace. They can check your car further and in-depth. Mechanics often use a diagnostic tool to determine if all the parts are in a good condition.

You can ask friends and family members if they know a good mechanic. It is better that your mechanic is referred by people close to you. In this way, the mechanic had earned the trust of the people that you also trust.

Your car shouldn’t only visit the mechanic when there are some problems with it. People have this notion that if you can’t see the problem then there is no problem at all. Aside from regular car maintenance, we also have preventive maintenance. This lengthens the life span of the car and you are extra precautions to ensure your safety. Preventive maintenance checks and fixes the possible problems that you will face in the future.

It is essential that you take these things into consideration. Regular maintenance might be a little expensive, but the benefits you get from it outweigh the cost. A money well-spent in a service well-gained is not something you will regret. You will have a more dependable, more durable and a safe car at your convenience.

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