Review on 5 Best Octane Boosters

Octane number tells about the fuel's ability to prevent detonation/pre-ignition. The high number of octane in your gasoline provides the fuel a high flammability; this means how easily the fuel will burn and hence increases the horsepower of the engine. Octane boosters do exactly the same thing by increasing octane content in the fuel and thereby enhance the performance of the engine.

People also prefer to use octane boosters for the additives they contain which help clean and lubricate the injectors, cylinder, walls, and valves.

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How Do Octane Boosters Work?

Boosters loaded with anti-knock additives like MMT, Ferrocene, Ethanol, etc. when mixed with the fuel prevent detonation or pre-ignition. By checking the knock (pre-ignition), a number of effective octanes are raised in the fuel which gives a lot of power to the engine, and it burns hot.

Basically, such products are used in professional motorsports arena for they initiate complete burning of the fuel which in turn increases the engine output.

Additives Frequently Used in Octane Boosters

Generally, markets flood out no matter what product is it. This is true with boosters too. At the moment there are many manufacturers which provide you with almost same kind of additives. A lot of anti-knock additives are there in the market, but we are going to have an overview of some popular ones.


MMT stands for Methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl; this compound is used in refineries as an alternative to Tetra-ethyl Lead commonly known as TEL to raise the octane level in the fuel. It is environmentally friendly when compared to TEL. Thus it is the most popular additive in the high-end boosters.


Tetra-ethyl Lead is no longer used as an anti-knock in on-road automobiles in many parts of the world, but it was in use for a long time since the 1920s. The ban was implemented owing to its harmful effects on the environment, humans and vehicles themselves. However, a leaded fuel may continue to be sold for off-road vehicles likewise racing cars, farm engines, aircraft's, etc.


It is a type of organometallic chemical compound and is used to prevent pre-ignition in engines by increasing octane in the fuel. Some of its derivatives are also being used for the same purpose. It is much safer in use if compared to TEL.

Aromatic Alcohols

Alcoholic compounds like benzene, toluene, etc. can also be used effectively for increasing octane level in the fuel. These chemicals are harmful to health and can cause ailments of the respiratory system, skin and can even cause cancer. So the amount of dose to be mixed should be acknowledged carefully. Usually, a dose of 10% or higher works optimally but safety measures should not be overlooked. Toluene is far more common than the other two compounds.


Ethanol is another anti-knock agent used in racing cars to increase octane number in the fuel. Using ethanol can be a little tricky anything more than a 10% mix of ethanol may ask for a modification in the vehicles, or you can simply say that the cars must be tuned for the fuel. A major drawback of using ethanol is that it can absorb water from the air and can lead to the corrosion of fuel tank.

Picking Up a Good Booster

We opt to buy a booster to give more power to our engines. So performance has to take the top spot in the list followed by cost. But going within the budget can end you up with a less able product. Something which will not be able to deliver up to your expectations and you will have to compromise with a low-quality compound.

But you should also go through the owner manual to see what will work for your engine or suit the situation.


This niche is all about performance. When buying a booster, you should ask yourself, "How much boost it can give to your vehicle?" or "How much octane number could this product raise for me?" I would write the equation like this; a pricey product with good-performing ability equals to two under-performing products that come at a low price.


Like I said earlier, it is all about performance and cost has very little to do with it. Take for an example; you can become a good athlete only if you use quality products that offer better physical performance than low-end ones.

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Top 5 Best Octane Boosters with Reviews

There is a flood of such products that promise you to deliver an optimum functionality. But every claim made by the manufacturers is not truth. You will have to judge the products for their ability to perform and not for the claims surrounding them. In this review, we are not including cost as the criteria but will only talk based on performance.

1. Torco Octane Booster Accelerator


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Torco is for sure the best octane booster out there in the market. Its potential to prevent pre-ignition is remarkable. Hence, it actually boosts octane levels in the fuel. Because it is a race fuel concentrate, it is ideal for people who are into a lot of racing stuff. An octane number between 87 and 98 is considered more than enough and Torco could take you to the next level with a boost level of up to 105.


  • Since it is a concentrate, it lets you blend as per the need
  • Raise octane up to 105
  • Complete combustion of fuel
  • Improves fuel system performance
  • Increases power and acceleration


  • Some issues with older car models have been registered

2. Lucas 10026 Octane Boost


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The two little red bottles of potion for your automobiles, Lucas Oil 10026 and Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 have gained a lot of popularity among eco-friendly people. I am going ahead with PK12 to disclose what it offers to you. It provides 3 times more boost than any normal booster in the market. It could be used safely with any fuel.

It stops pre-ignition and thus increases the effectiveness of a high compression engine. It is safe for turbo and oxygen sensors.


  • Boosts the octane number in the fuel 3 times more than any other brand
  • It is safer to use with any fuel
  • Safe for turbo and oxygen sensors
  • A bottle of 15 pounds treats up to 25 gallons of fuel.


  • Not legal for streets

3. 104+ 10406 Octane Boost


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Gold Eagle's 104+ is a product that will optimally improvise the functionality of your vehicle's fuel system and injectors. It maximizes the combustion of fuel and increases power, acceleration, and mileage by cleaning up the entire system. Safe for oxygen sensors and works safely in all fuel blends including ethanol.


  • Provides good cleaning of injectors and fuel system
  • Increases power and acceleration
  • More gas mileage
  • Safe for all catalytic conversions, oxygen sensors, and fuel blends


  • Not for on-road vehicles

4. Klotz Octane Booster


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This product uses TEL substitute which provides more lubrication. I have seen mechanics who do small engine repair swear by it for cleaning carburetors and keep the engine clean. So we can conclude that it does some good cleaning of the entire fuel system. Increases octane in the fuel and improves combustion in high compression engines. Safe with fuel blends containing ethanol too.


  • Increases fuel's octane by 10 numbers
  • TEL substitute for more lubrication
  • A good injector and carburetor cleaner


  • Not any major cons but some issues with a bad smell

5. Royal Purple Max-Boost Octane Booster


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A high-performance octane booster, which offers clean fuel system, increased power, reduced emissions and stabilized fuel. MMT as an anti-knock agent eliminates engine-damaging detonation from a low octane fuel.

Max Boost is safe for use in leaded and unleaded fuels as well as ethanol blends. It protects from phosphorus poisoning.

It is formulated for engines with carburetors, port fuel injectors, and direct injectors, as well as turbochargers and superchargers.


  • MMT as anti-knock
  • Maximum power and acceleration
  • Reduced emission
  • Safe with lead and non-lead fuels
  • Also, works in ethanol blends
  • Protection from phosphorus poisoning


  • No major drawbacks


I would personally recommend Royal Purple Max Boost. For it comes with so many advantages that it is worthy to declare it a winner. Like all other boosters, it is efficient in cleaning carburetors and fuel systems. As a result of the performance of the engine naturally increases, whether it is complete combustion of fuel or maximum acceleration.

Apart from improving the functionality of the engines, it offers reduced emissions, stabilized fuel and protection against phosphorus poisoning which can lead to liver failure, kidney damage, heart ailments or gastrointestinal irritation.

It uses MMT as an additive the most favored anti-knock in the high-end octane boosters, ensuring high performance and lesser emissions. Manufacturers of this product have given a lot of emphasis on performance and safety which makes it an ideal compound to use.I hope this octane booster review has helped you with decision making about which one to pick.

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