The Reviews of The Best Engine Stand in the Market

Whether you are a mechanic with an automotive repair shop or a car enthusiast who can perform engine repairs by themselves, repairing your engine on a table is not a wise idea. Having an engine stand can be a life saver because it is a practical tool that can save you a lot of inconveniences as you work on your engine. Despite some manufacturing companies hiking prices on the engine stands, they still remain relevant in today's mechanic work and purchasing one can be worth your money.

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What is an Engine Stand?

An engine stand is a practical tool commonly used by mechanics to fix big or heavy gasoline or diesel engines. It makes it more convenient when an engine mechanic is reassembling or disassembling the engine.

An engine stand features a universal head or a cantilever which has been crafted to support any type of the engine once it has been ejected by the engine crane from the car bonnet. The cantilever suspends the engine in the air for easy accessibility during fixing.

The engine stand is fixed on a structure with wheels called the caster which enables easy transfer of the engine around the repair station for different tests and analysis.

Advantages of an Engine Stand

best engine stand reviews
  • Makes work easier: having and using an engine stand could save you a lot of time and trouble trying to maneuver as you reassemble or disassemble your car's engine. Since it suspends the engine in mid-air, it will take you a few hours to work on it rather than working on a table. A table is mostly used in case you have a lighter, one piston engine. There are also those ways in which you handle your engine which may be termed as non-ethical or non-procedural. An engine stand eliminates that.
  • It enhances safety: First of all, you need to know that a good engine stand is safer to use. There will be no incidences of accidents unlike when you employ the traditional ways which could endanger your wellbeing. If you manhandle a heavy load chances of you being exposed to danger are very high than when you use an engine stand.

How to Use an Engine Stand

Whenever you are trying to carry out an engine repair or servicing using an engine stand, there are certain ways that are considered ethical and safe to use it. Here is how you mount and remove the engine to the stand:

  • Extract the engine from the car by carefully disconnecting the wires and bolts that connect the exhaust and the mounts on the engine.
  • Establish the COG ( center of gravity) of the engine.
  • Remove the bolts connecting the torque converter and the flywheel and finally unbolt the transmission (bell housing).
  • Get the engine stand and detach the mounting plate.
  • The axis of the mounting place is supposed to be near the middle of the engine. Use the engine hoist.
  • Tighten the four engine stand mounts with the screws to the engine, two on the bottom and two on the top.
  • Keep the engine balanced by making some adjustments on the mounting arms.
  • Lower the engine and then insert the circular pivoting center to the engine stand.
  • Slowly remove the engine hoist

Reviews the Best among the Best Engine Stands Available

Performance Tool W41031 Engine Stand with Tray - 1,250 lb. Capacity

In case you have been looking for a strong engine stand that can support more than ½ tons of weight and can rotate through a 360 degrees angle making all the parts of the engine accessible to service, then Performance Tool W41031 Engine Stand is the right stand for you. Its features that have made it stand is its mounting head's ability to make a 360 degrees rotation with six possible lock positions with the handle that has a rubber grip for comfortable holding to assist you in turning the stand.

Made from a rugged tubular steel metal, you can trust this stand to do the job well without any breakdowns whatsoever. The four mounting arms are fully adjustable to fit any size of the engine without discrimination. All you need to know is that the mounting screws should be bought separately as the stand doesn't come with them.

To maneuver easily, the engine stand has 4 flexible wheels that have been fitted with caster and can rotate through an angle of 360 degrees while it is still stable so that you can easily move from various points in the shop as you conduct tests on the engine.


  • The rugged tubular steel metal ensures that the stand is highly stable.
  • It can securely support any size of the engine block.
  • Have four wheels for easy locomotion.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble the parts.
  • The mounting arms are fully adjustable.
  • The head can rotate through 360 degrees with six lock positions.


  • Poor packaging- shipment sometimes come with some parts missing.
  • Chains are a little bit shorter.

OEMTOOLS 24834 Folding Engine Stand (1-Ton)

This engine stand has been tailored with full considerations of the user's comfortability and ease of use. OEMTOOLS 24834 Folding Engine Stand has outstanding features that make servicing of an engine safe and fun.

To begin with, the material used to construct this stand, heavy, sturdy steel material was used to build the entire stand so trust that it is of a higher quality. You can practically support engines from small sized up to the ones with the capacity of 1 ton with ease. So if you have a bigger sized engine block, OEMTOOLS has your back. What makes this stand a little more superior than the rest is the extensions that support that main stand making it resemble letter H. this ensures stability on the engine stand and further prevents it from bending backward. The lower construction has six wheels with casters to ensure that you can steer through a 360-degree angle with ease. The mounting head assembly is fully adjustable and can rotate through 360 degrees with the help of a steel handle. The mounting arms are adjustable as well. The stand folds upright so that you may have enough work floor space.


  • Has six caster wheels that rotate through 360 degrees.
  • Made of high, sturdy steel material.
  • Folds upright giving you ample floor space to work on.
  • Supports up to 1 ton of weight.
  • Mounting head rotates through 360 degrees for easy mounting of the engine.


  • No cons or customer reviews available yet.
  • Expensive.

Goplus 2000 lb Engine Stand Motor Hoist Auto Car Truck Automotive Folding Jack

Goplus slightly resembles the OEMTOOLS 24834 from the wheels, the upright folding of the main stand except that it has a single neck reinforcement. Goplus engine stand also supports a maximum weight of 2000 lb. With the middle mounting head having a height of 33.5 inches which makes it ideal for supporting large engine blocks.

Like I said, the six wheels have casters for easy flexing through an angle of 360 degrees as you can easily maneuver across your shop. The stand is made of pure heavy steel, and the steel neck reinforcement will keep the main stand from flexing when you mount a heavy load.

Once you have acquired this 9.5 x 5.5x 5.5 inch stand, you can easily assemble and use it. The good thing is that its size is convenient for storage once you are done using it and have already disassembled it.


  • Made of heavy duty steel material.
  • The upfront folds right to create ample floor workspace.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Has a neck reinforcement to make it more strong and avoid flexing.
  • Swivel casters on the rear wheels make locomotion through 360 degrees easy.
  • The head arms are adjustable.


  • Extra weight makes a stand to tip over.
  • The head can't allow the rigging pieces to offer uniform weight distribution as it is required.
  • Not safe.
  • No installation manual.

House Deals 1000 LBS Capacity Engine Stand

A lot of people find it hard to assemble an engine stand and with small parts to join and several bolts to screw, it gives people a headache when they think about using stands. But not with the House Deals 1000 LBS Capacity Engine Stand which requires no screws or pins for locking and rotating the engine block because its mounting head is adjustable with a 63:1 ratio gear which helps the mounting head rotate through an angle of 360 degrees and self-locks at any point you dim. It is made from a high-quality heavy steel metal making it durable and secure to use on heavy weights.


  • Does well in heavy duty work.
  • Has a gear rotating box.
  • Self-locks at any position.
  • Made from strong material.
  • Has an instruction manual e-book.


  • No cons or customer reviews available yet.

Torin T26801 Engine Stand - 1500 lbs.

Most of the engine stands available have a restrictive measure on weights they can comfortably support. But that is not the case when it comes to Torin T26801 Engine Stand which can comfortably support up to 1500 lb. of weight. Practically if you have a minibus engine, you can trust Torin to handle the block quite securely. This is as a result of the building blocks of the stand which is a high-quality tubular steel with tensile and square shaped properties.

The bottom design of the stand is H-shaped with five caster wheels that support the stand in an upright position and ease of locomotion. The head of the stand bends backward to offer a proper stability once the engine block has been installed.


  • Can support up to 1500 lb. of weight.
  • Highly stable due to the 5 wheels and the bottom H-shaped design.
  • Can be reduced in half when you remove the top part making it portable and easy to store.
  • The mounting head can rotate through an angle of 360 degrees, and you can use a lock pin to lock it in the desired position.
  • Have four arms that can be adjusted.


  • Expensive.
  • Lock pin is either too small, or the rotational hole is too big
  • Not as stable as stated.


Having an engine stand for servicing and repair of your car can be advantageous. The problem comes in when you want to purchase the right engine stand that does the job pretty well. Factors like stability, weight support and "rotatability" have been featured in all the top engine stands, but we need the one which is close to 100 percent efficient.

Every tool seems to also have its disadvantages but Performance Tool W41031 Engine Stand is the best engine stand among the five despite the poor packaging from the manufacturer which can be resolved. The price of the stand is fairly affordable, and it seems to do a pretty good job.

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