A Review of The Best RV Sewer Hoses

When buying an RV sewer hose, an individual should consider how frequent they will be using the sewer. In occasions where one will frequently be taking road trips, there is a high chance they will use the sewer most of the time. In such circumstances, it is good for one to purchase a heavy duty sewer hose. This is mostly by buying the sewer from well-known, reputable companies. This is to ensure durability despite often use.

The length of a sewer hose should be considered. When purchasing a sewer hose, it is important to note the length of the sewer hose. Sewer hoses come in different varieties either in lengthwise or in thickness. The choice of length will depend on an individual as they are the ones who will determine the distance between the RV positioning and where the external sewage will be placed. However, the recommended sewer hose length is 15 foot.

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What is a Sewer Horse?


An RV sewer hose is a drainage hose used in recreational vehicles. The sewer hose is used as a pipe system to flush waste from the RV to an outside sewage system. During purchase, it is very crucial to pick a good and well-functioning sewer hose for your RV. In deciding on a sewer hose to use for your RV, there are a few things one needs to note in their purchases.

Despite checking on a sewer hose's length and the frequency of use, there are also more aspects to be considered to ensure for durability. The sewers should be well taken care of by making sure they are not rained on so as not to rust nor get contaminated. Regular cleaning of the sewer should also be ensured in order to maintain good hygiene.

Advantages of Having an RV Sewer Horse


You can camp anywhere with your RV sewer horse. It encourages comfortability, and hygiene anywhere you are.

Sewer horses offer a reliable and a cheap way of draining out all the unwanted wastes.

Top 5 Best RV Sewer Horse with Reviews

Thetford Titan Sewer 15 Foot Hose Kit 17853

This is one of the best-rated sewer hoses in the market at the moment. The sewer hose comes with the normal standard length of a sewer hose which is 15 foot. Together with it also, the sewer hose has an extension hose of 10 foot that will come in handy in cases where the hose becomes short. Thetford Titan Sewer has an easily aligned body that enables the hose to revolve comfortably without causing any breakage. It has a 5-in-1 sewer adapter with a handle for easy grasp which is unlike any other sewer hose in the market.

The sewer's grip fitting is extended to ensure comfort and suitability for any head that will be used to join it. The grip fittings have secure end caps that are meant to ensure there are no leaks during storage of the sewer hose. In case anyone steps on the hose or something are wrongly placed on top of the hose, it is secure from crushing due to its rugged TPE cover. This sewer hose is also recommended as it can be used in areas with extreme temperatures due to its ability to resist punctures and abrasion as installed by Proprietary TPE.


  • Can comfortably fit any kind of head
  • It has a rugged TPE cover
  • Ability to handle any climate
  • Does not break any easily
  • Has two secure end caps


  • Short length wise-15 foot
  • Warranty is only requested from the manufacturer but covers specific parts only

Camco 39625 20 Foot Revolution Swivel Sewer Hose Kit

This is another recommended 2017 sewer hose. This is a hose one would opt for when they want a long distance travel. It has everything one would need for good drainage. The sewer's fittings are attached to the hose and can rotate 360 degrees enabling easy tightening during connection.it is accompanied with four storage caps that can allow for regular change during storage. It has four storage caps because the hose is in two sections each of 10 foot. One of the major reasons one would opt for this sewer pipe is due to the presence of elbow and wire guards that protects one's hands during connection.

The sewer hose can easily be stored as it can be compressed to 2' for every 10' sections, this will ensure it does not take up lots of space. The sewer hose has swivel lugs attached to it to ensure the protection of the hose's cover. This is the sewer hose to look for when one is seeking for a long lasting durable product. The advantage of shopping with Camco is that they offer warranty for their products hence one should not worry of any malfunction. For this product, warranty is for the hose's parts and labor


  • Ability to rotate 360 degrees ensuring no breakages during installation.
  • Long lengthwise
  • Availability of swivel lugs to protect the hose's cover
  • Availability of warranty for the product
  • Easy to store


  • Expensive

Valterra D04-0250 Dominator 15 Foot Sewer Hose Kit

This is a product of Valterra brands. It is among the most recommended sewer hoses one would need for good drainage. The sewer hose is 15 foot long which is a good length considering it is of the standard recommended hose length. Unlike any other brand selling sewer hoses, this brand offers a fully assembled sewer hose. A buyer will not have to deal with the troubles that come with the installation of this sewer pipe because they are ready for use as soon as they are bought. The sewer hose assures of a good drainage experience as it will hold its initial shape even after installation. It is also strong and will not easily crush in cases of being stepped on or a heavy object being placed on top of it.

The sewer hose's fittings are permanently attached and cannot be disassembled. This will ensure for protection from leakages during use hence saving one the embarrassment of spilled waste around their RV. The fittings are able to rotate which prevents hose twists and kinks. The sewer hose is heavy duty assuring one of durability. This is a sewer hose to look out for when one is doing RV sewer hose shopping.


  • The hose's body parts are already assembled during purchase
  • The hose's fitting rotate 360 degrees hence preventing the twists and kinks
  • Made using strong material hence not easy to break
  • It is long


  • You cannot disassemble in case you want to replace a damaged part because it is permanently attached

Valterra D04-0113 EZ Coupler 10 Foot Extension Hose

Another sewer hose to look out for in the market is this Valterra product. This sewer hose is 10 foot long but has another 10-foot hose accompanying it in the hose's deluxe kit. The sewer hose after connections will always remain flat for best drainage due to its ability to rotate during assembling without any difficulty.

This is a sewer hose for users who have difficulty in connecting the hose with its parts as the hose already has installed bayonet fittings which make it easy for a user. To ensure the hose does not crack in case of any minor accidents, Valterra Company has ensured to cover the sewer hose with an 18 mil vinyl cover that has a UV protectant. When being stored, the sewer hose can be collapsed to 25".


  • Ability to rotate to 360 degrees
  • The Vinyl cover protects the sewer hose against any cracks
  • Ease of use
  • Easy to store


  • Relatively expensive
  • Pre-assembled hence difficult to replace the damaged parts

Camco 39770 RhinoFLEX 15 Foot RV Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fitting

Considering it is a Camco product, this with no doubt is a product to look out for. The Rhino FLEX is 15 foot long ensuring fast connections even in long distances. The hose's bayonet fittings have with it four prongs. This provides a secure fit during installation of the hose. The ending of the hose has a translucent elbow which is attached with a detachable 4-inch adapter.

The adapter is restricted to connect to 3-inch slip, 3-1/2 inch slip and 4-inch NPT threaded sewer connections only, they are limited to specific slips only. Unlike other sewer hoses, this hose has reusable locking rings for third fittings. This allows for the fittings to be moved to another RhinoFLEX hose even after being used. For each end, the hose has an accompanying storage cap. The hose is able to be stored easily as it can compress to 56 inches.


  • It's long lengthwise
  • Availability of four prongs attached with the bayonet fittings for secure fitting
  • Compatible
  • Durable due to the UV resin
  • The swivels can easily fit and be detached with ease


  • Its adapter is restricted to specific connection slips only
  • Lack of warranty from the seller


The review has clearly shown that in the purchase of sewer hoses, one should always be very keen in details. Sewer hoses will seem to look alike, but with a careful assessment, one will know the best product for themselves. After careful considerations and comparisons, the best-recommended RV sewer hose I would suggest for is the Camco 39625 Revolution Swevel Sewer Hose Kit. This is because it is durable, is long, has hand protectors and is able to rotate without any difficulty. The fact that it comes from a reputable company also is another reason for one to buy this sewer hose. However, one should always make a sewer hose purchase according to what best fits their expectations.

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