Selecting Your Bicycle Lock

March 10, 2017

A bike lock is an important security apparatus that allows you to lock your bike when you are not with it. A bike lock is attached to the frame of your bike and then attached to another object that is immovable, such as a pole or a bicycle rack. Whether you ride your bike to a store, school or even work you want to be able to leave it unattended without the threat of theft. Bike locks can vary in price and be choosing the best one in your price range requires some knowledge and thought.


When looking for a bike lock, you will need to take several factors into consideration. You will want a bike lock that cannot be easily broken. Therefore, it is best to purchase a bike lock that is made of a hard metal, such as steel. The less expensive your bike lock is, the more flimsy it is made. The various types of bike locks are listed below.

  • Combination lock: This type of lock can only be opened using the correct numbers, usually three numbers. The typical right-left-right pattern using these three numbers will open your lock. The only drawback is remembering your numbers. Some people have poor memories, and this is not an ideal bike lock for those people. If you do purchase this type of bike lock and have trouble remembering your combination, it is a good idea to write it down on a piece of paper and carry it with you if you are going to be out riding your bike and plan on using your bike lock while you are out.
  • Key lock: This type of bike lock can only be opened with a key. Remember to bring the key with you when you go out on your bike. You can either put it in your pocket or carry it around your neck on a long key ring lanyard. A key lock is usually a bit more difficult to break into than a combination lock and therefore a better choice.
  • Cable lock: Very flexible and one of the least expensive bike locks, the cable lock is easy to use and offers either a key or combination type of closure. This bike lock is the easiest one to break, however.
  • U-lock: If you are buying a U-lock purchase the smallest size that you are able to while still being able to attach it. The most popular out of all of the bike locks, the U-lock is not that difficult to break.
  • O-lock: These require some looking around as they are not available just anywhere. If you are looking to purchase one of these bike locks, visit your neighborhood bike shop. They give your bike the greatest protection, and they adjust rather easily. They are more difficult to break.
  • Motorcycle lock: Extremely heavy, but very well made, a motorcycle lock would be a tough one to break. However, serious competition bikers will not want to carry the extra weight.

Additionally, check the warranty on your bike lock. A good warranty is worth the extra few dollars that you will spend. Picking out your bike lock is more important than most people realize. Make sure that you get the quality that is best suited for what you are.

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