Several Benefits of Automobile Foiling for Your Car

February 15, 2022

Anyone and everyone who owns their vehicle would know the feeling of driving around in a brand-new vehicle just out of the car dealership or showroom. However, not everyone can afford to buy a new one, every time theirs reaches its expiry date or its time for an upgrade.

One way of getting there is to get a new paint job done to make your car look as if new.

However, this may be a costly affair, not to mention a harmful one. Some owners tend to take it upon themselves to do the job themselves, only to find out it wasn’t as good a job as they hoped for.

While others take it to the paint shop and spend copious amounts of money on getting it redone. Both these options are time-consuming, expensive and may not last as long as you intended. Spray paint is not as safe an option as you may think either. According to this government website, substances incorporated within the paint, such as lacquers, and under-seals, are hazardous to health.

But is there another safer and easier alternative? The answer is yes.

Automobile Wrapping or Foiling

This is one of the best alternative solutions on the market and has been around for recent years. Many people are embracing this idea because it has numerous benefits, some of which include the below.


Car foiling involves the use of a vinyl car wrap that is used to cover either the entirety of the vehicle or parts of it. The price you would pay for a wrapping job is not nearly as close to what you will be paying when you take your car to the paint shop or garage, and in fact, can be less costly.

If you take it to the right shop, the entire job will not be as expensive and in some cases may even look better as the options are plenty from a gloss to a matte and even a design that resembles a particular texture.

Proper Maintenance

Similar to a paint job, a vinyl coating also needs to be maintained, however, the great thing is, the majority of the high-quality options as UV protected, which means they have a filter against harsh sun rays which, in the case of car paint, can easily fade. With the wraps, all that’s needed is a wipe with a damp cloth or a hand wash and you are done. There is no need to scrub it with soap, and any dirt or grime stuck on the foil will easily come off with water.

Sometimes if you want to make sure the vinyl stays put and does not get damaged, you can also buy a special cleaning agent, similar to car shampoo, but one that is specifically created for vinyl covers. There is also no need to take your car to the wash. When the wrapping is done, the professionals usually cover it with a protective layering that will prolong the life of the cover as well as the car.

Life-Long Durability

When you get this process completed on your automobile and look after it as you would any other car, chances are it will last you a very long time before you may need to get a retouch up done. It has been known to last owners over 7 years and the shine, color and overall look will be as good as new.

When people decide to do it themselves, there is always the possibility of doing a botched job. Common errors include air bubbles, premature lifting, and creases, so it is never recommended to do something as delicate as this, by yourself. The advice from popular professionals such as Folienpartner is to take it to the car shop that offers the service if you are looking to get a perfect job done that will last you a long time and worth every penny.

Versatility and Variety

Not only is the idea of car wrapping a fun one, but it also has a variety of selections depending on where you get it done. It is easily customizable based on your personal preferences and comes in various patterns, colors, placements and aesthetics. The variety of different brands that offer different types has also increased due to its popularity so you will never run out of fresh new ideas to upgrade the exterior of the car.

If you want a car that resembles stainless steel, or two-toned it’s available, perhaps you want one that looks like leather, which can be done too. Some companies offer the service of a digital design initially that you can see before you make up your mind.

Paint Protection

Did you know car wrapping is not just for aesthetic purposes but is also a practical and efficient way of protecting your original car paint? This can help tremendously when you decide to sell your vehicle, as it will not only retain its value but in some cases increase it too.

Many people fear the risk of damaging the original paint color and having it resprayed, but a vinyl cover acts as a barrier and protective measure against debris like flying rocks, exposure to different weather conditions and normal wear and tear that happens over time. Leaving yours as good as new and when people buy a car that looks like it has been cared for, they won’t mind paying the maximum price for it.

Car wrapping is no doubt one of the best investments you can make if you are a proud owner of a car and value it.

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