Signs Your Vehicle Needs Professional Auto Repair Penfield NY

There are components in your vehicle that you can clean or replace yourself, especially if you have the appropriate tools and knowledge. However, there are also instances when you need to step back and let the professionals do the job to avoid making the issue worse, which can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Fortunately, you can find lots of reliable auto repair shops out there. If you’re in Penfield, NY, check out the website of some dealerships to see if they can provide car maintenance and repair services.

Here are the signs that your vehicle needs professional auto repair services:

1. Check Engine Indicator Lights Up

The check engine light is a feature of your car that informs you about a malfunction in your engine. The indicator senses problems with the electronic control system, which is the part that monitors vehicle performance.

Because there are a lot of wires under the hood of your car, it isn’t possible to pinpoint the exact problem at a single glance. That’s why you should send your car to the mechanic and have a professional inspect the issue.

These are some of the common triggers that cause the check engine signal to light up:

  • Oxygen Sensor Malfunction – The O2 sensor keeps track of how much unburnt oxygen is in your exhaust system. Failure of the component affects your car’s fuel economy. It also damages other parts like the spark plugs.
  • Loose Fuel Cap – Another common reason why your check engine light may be on is when the fuel cap isn’t tightened. A loose component is dangerous because the cap helps the fuel delivery system maintain the right pressure by preventing fumes from leaving the tank.
  • Electrical Issues – If you see this light, you may want to have your spark plugs and ignition coil checked. A malfunction with this system can lead to engine misfire and hesitation when accelerating rapidly.
  • Mass Airflow Sensor Failure – The sensor keeps track of how much oxygen comes in the engine. If the check engine light is on and you experience rough idles, start troubles, and changes in the throttle pedal position, then you may have a problem with this component.

2. Knocking Noise or Smoke Under the Hood

Rattling and thumping under the hood can be indicators of loose components. Another reason is that your engine bearings may need replacing. This part serves to support a significant portion of the engine’s moving parts.

Meanwhile, smoke coming from the engine may be an indicator of overheating. While there are different types of smoke, you shouldn’t ignore this warning sign and go to the mechanic immediately.

3. Increased Gas Consumption

If you find yourself spending more on fuel now, you should have your vehicle inspected by a professional. One common cause of increased gas consumption is having incorrect tire pressure. This is one of the most uncomplicated issues to resolve since you just have to fill the wheels with the right amount of air.

As mentioned above, malfunctioning oxygen sensors contribute to poor fuel economy. Dirty air filters also influence the balance of air and fuel in your tank. An imbalance can lead to decreased miles per gallon (MPG).

Aside from having your car maintained by a mechanic, check out these tips for better fuel economy:

  • Stop Putting the Pedal to the Metal – Stepping on the gas pedal and rapid acceleration can be seen as a godsend when you’re running late to a meeting. However, avoid this habit because it causes your vehicle to consume more fuel.
  • Check the Manufacturer’s Recommendation – You can find the manufacturer’s recommended fuel type in the manual. If the engine requires diesel or unleaded fuel, you have to comply with it. Otherwise, the car will not start. The car company can also suggest using octane boosters or fuels, especially for automobiles that have a high compression engine.
  • Be Mindful of the Weight – You may be tempted to bring all your belongings in the trunk of your vehicle because you never know when you might need them. However, this is a surefire way to increase the gas consumption of your car because of the additional load that it has to transport.
  • Eliminate Aerodynamic Drag – Roof racks and other storage attachments may provide you with convenience. Nevertheless, you have to consider the weight that it adds to your automobile, as well as how its shape increases aerodynamic drag

4. Excessive Exhaust Smoke

During your regular inspections at home, have someone look at the smoke coming out of your car’s tailpipe. Different exhaust colors indicate specific types of problems.

For instance, blue smoke would mean that you have to replace the valve guide seals or piston rings. Gray smoke may be an indication that there’s an issue with the automatic transmission fluid, while thick, white emissions can indicate that the engine is burning coolant.

5. Fluid Leaks and Foul Odors

Fluid leaks are a significant problem because not only will such an issue drain your motor oil, coolant, or transmission fluid quicker and cost you money, but it can also indicate high-temperature wear and tear. Leaks are the first indicators of engine issues, and ignoring them can lead to more devastating consequences.


Watch out for the above-mentioned signs to determine whether or not your car needs professional auto repair services. These issues aren’t ordinary ones that you can resolve at home with your tool kit. Oftentimes, problems with the engine, fuel economy, exhaust, and fluid containers require specialized care, which only professional and skilled mechanics can provide.


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