Subwoofer FAQs – Everything You Want to Know About Subwoofers

We'll answer some questions about Subwoofer for you. If you have more question, please comment below. Hope my article will help you

What is a subwoofer?

What is the difference between an active and a passive subwoofer?

How do I know how much power I need?

Are two 10” subwoofers better than one 12” subwoofer?

Do I need to change my factory stereo to an aftermarket one?

How do I get a subwoofer to fit into a small space?

Will I hear the bass from my subwoofer if I put it in the trunk?

How do I choose between a sealed, ported or bandpass sub?

Does the vent location affect the sound?

Are a subwoofer and a woofer the same thing?

Does the shape of the subwoofer matter?

Should I use a mono or multichannel amplifier for my subwoofer?

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