Synthetic Oil vs. Mineral Oil

Today maximum of the car owners choose to use synthetic oil for their car engines. Even the mechanics advise their customers to use synthetic oil for the car engines. It is not that the mineral oil is not in use now, but the demand of synthetic oil has suddenly increased since last few years.

Synthetic Oil vs. Mineral Oil

To know the reasons about how and why the demand for synthetic oil has increased, it is important to know the differences between mineral oil and synthetic oil. There are a few points where mineral oil wins and in some synthetic oil wins, but the main concept is that for engine, now there are two options available and these are mineral oil and synthetic oil.

Origin of the oil

The main difference between mineral oil and synthetic oil is their origin or the way they are available for use. Mineral oil is derived from petroleum and is filtered to get the result that is used in the car engines. But this is not the same for synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is not natural derived, rather is manmade. It is manufactured in factories using different chemicals. Today, synthetic oil is much more popular than the mineral oil for car engines.

Cost of the oil

When the origin of the oil has been talked about, then it is important to talk about the costing too. As synthetic oil is manmade using chemicals, of course it is much costlier than mineral oil. Though synthetic oil is much costlier than mineral oil, but still the people prefer for synthetic oil because of various benefits that it provides for the car engines.

Performance of the oil

Synthetic oil is way higher in performance in comparison to mineral oil. Synthetic oil is known for having more lubricating property than the mineral oil. This can be understood during long drives.

The synthetic oil helps in creating more friction without creating much heat. This keeps the drive smooth and also comfortable one.

Synthetic Oil vs. Mineral Oil

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Often during breaking down, mineral oil loses its lubrication properties. When this time, the friction is increases, the car parts touching each other for running of the car gets damaged. This is not the case with synthetic oil. Even if you are driving the car for quite long time, and the heat has increased, the synthetic oil has a capability of resisting the temperature and hence maintaining the lubricating property in it.

Longer lasting

If you are looking for engine oil that will last long, then you should definitely go for synthetic oil. As synthetic oil has a heat resistant property, hence it is capable of surviving even under high temperatures. It does not lose its lubricating property and hence goes on for long. On the other hand, mineral oil breaks down under intense heat and hence, may have to change it from time to time. If you are using synthetic oil in the car engine, the number of times that you have to change the oil is much lesser than using mineral oil in the car engine.

Cost effective

Now here is a debate in between mineral oil and synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is much costlier than the mineral oil. So, people who are not able to afford the cost of synthetic oil, can have mineral oil as their best option.

Again, for many people synthetic is a better option in terms of pricing also because you have to change synthetic oil lesser time than mineral oil. It can be also said that it depends on the usage of the car. If you are much in long drives then synthetic oil can be best for you. For people who have only short trips, mineral oil can be an affordable option.

Both, the types, mineral oil as well as synthetic oil are in use for car engines. But there are a few differences in between the two oil and hence it is important to understand the differences carefully. In short, synthetic oil is always far better in performance and resistance power than the mineral oil. If price has to be concerned, mineral oil is much affordable than the synthetic oil. So, it is necessary that a person should understand well the differences and then choose for the right engine oil.

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