The Best Free Plagiarism Checking Tools for Every Student!

Modern students need to cope with difficult tasks every day! When writing various academic papers, students have to look for how to check large texts for anti-plagiarism. After all, uniqueness is half the success. Professors very vainly check every student for plagiarism. Therefore, it is better not to give your professor an opportunity to capture you on such a “fraud” and check your work yourself before handing it over to the teacher. The experts working on have prepared for you a selection of programs that can be used in free access.

Dupli Checker

This service is quite easy to use; you can use it online either through the official websiteor on your computer or mobile device. You can use it online or download. It is worth noting that in the field for verification, you can hold up to 1000 words. If you want to be able to check up to 1500 words, then you need to register (this is a free option). As a result, you will be provided with online resources, where the text is taken from. Upon registration, you can scan up to 50 documents per day.

Paper Rater

In addition to checking plagiarism, this service also checks grammar, spelling, and style. This resource is easy to use and allows for comprehensive verification of texts. The program interface is quite intuitive. To detect plagiarism, enter your text in the appropriate field on the site. What is important, there are no restrictions on the size of the text!

However, this resource provides information only about three external resources. Therefore, this service is suitable for quick text verification. In other matters for the use of homework, checking is quite suitable! It is one of the most popular tools that is used not only by students but also by professors!


This tool is available for free either on the official website or through a program that can be installed on your PC. It should be noted that it is possible not only to place your text in the search field but also to load it in various text formats. A key feature is the maintenance of 190 languages. The free version has the ability to check text up to 2000 characters. Also, only 3 checks per day are available. For non-frequent checks, you can safely use this service, since the results are really relevant and the checking process is quick enough.

Plagiarism Checker

This tool for detecting plagiarism has its own conventions and is free to use. The most interesting is that you can place any of your text work and check if someone used your material for their own purposes in the online spaces. This tool does not require downloading and installation on your PC; you can check the text in the search box on the official website of the tool. One of the drawbacks is that this tool supports only two search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. Therefore, if you do not use these systems, then you will have to look for another program to identify non-unique text.

Plag Tracker

This tool was developed specifically for students because this target audience knows how important the uniqueness is. This app is great for checking scientific papers and articles. All text fragments, which have a match somewhere on the web, are highlighted in color, while the result is given in the percentage. This is pretty convenient since these problem areas can be quickly fixed. For the free version, there is a text limit of up to 5 000 words. To check the larger volume, you need to purchase a Premium package.

Que Text

A special feature of QueText is that the program is looking for borrowings in e-books and magazines as well. The most important advantage of this application is that there are no restrictions on the amount of text, the number of checks per day, and absolutely no paid packages. In order to use this tool, you do not need to install the program on your PC. The use is possible only on the official website. All you have to do is to enter the text in the search box and wait for the result.

 Now you know how you can check your academic work for uniqueness. Choose the anti-plagiarism program you like the most and use it in your learning process. Take a rule to check every work to avoid many problems in your studies. Moreover, such checks take only a few minutes.


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