The Best Smart Tech For Your Car

October 2, 2020

We were recently introduced to some pretty exciting vehicle tech over at a top Hyundai dealer Utah, and this got us thinking; what is the coolest smart tech available for cars? There are so many unique devices and gadgets available for every other facet of our lives, so surely there must be some pretty neat options geared towards the automotive industry. While self-driving cars may be the first innovation that comes to mind, however, there are also several other vehicle innovations will transform your travelling experience without you having to invest a relatively large initial amount.  

It didn’t take long to come across some really interesting, unique and sometimes bizarre offerings. Although a lot of the tech we came across seemed to be more of a novelty than actual necessities, there are some really remarkable products that offer real value and convenience. If you are considering upgrading your vehicle or you are in the market for a new car relatively soon, you should consider the following best smart tech for your car.


Arguing that a heads up display is a necessity might be a bit of a stretch. What it is, is extremely cool. The concept does offer some advantages, and some may argue it helps keep your focus on the road. The reason it has a place on our list is that it is a natural evolution of the way we experience vehicle metrics.  

There are two options to choose from. The first, little reflective panels that use your smartphone to ‘project’ data are a great example of a gimmick that is dead in the water. Having to sacrifice all the other potential uses of your phone makes for a massive inconvenience. The second, a mini projector unit is definitely the way to go. This smart tech is a perfect option for those after DIY vehicle upgrades. 

Assistant-Enabled Car Charger Unit

One of the best things about tech addons is that you can get a lot of the functionality that is usually reserved for premium range vehicles in just about any car. The assistant enabled car charging unit is an excellent example of this type of addon for an automobile. However, it cannot be labelled as a vehicle charging unit seems a bit apocryphal in our opinion, when many don’t offer smartphone charging as a standard function.

What they do offer is a unit that is powered by the charging port, which enables the use of a digital assistant. We work with a lot of tech gear, so we have some pretty strong opinions about the best digital assistants. In our opinion, the best options are a Google Assistant or Siri. Alexa and Bixby are just that much less capable in terms of functionality.

Smart Tire Monitor

An idea that never crossed our minds, we now can’t fathom why this tech isn’t a standard option built into all cars. You get these little tokens that you fix to the tires of your vehicle. These connect to an app on your smartphone, giving you real-time information of the state of your tires, including pressure and leaks. There’s absolutely no doubt that this vehicle addon will be incredibly useful, especially for those of us who are usually taken by surprise when it’s time to replace our vehicles tires.  

Even more impressively, the premium options offer security features, including an anti-theft locking mechanism that can be managed directly from your smartphone. In addition to this useful feature, you will find little conveniences built into the in-car controller unit, like USB charging ports and several others. 

Smart Diagnostics

If you are a car enthusiast, you may be aware that pretty much every car built after 1993 has an OBD-II port. It is used for diagnostics and servicing. The Automatic Pro adapter is a driving assistant that plugs into this port. What it does is feed you live information about your car, which is pretty useful if you think about it. That being said, you don’t have to be a car enthusiast to find this smart tech an absolute necessity in terms of keeping in tune with your vehicle. These days, there is a smartphone app for almost everything, why not improve your driving experience with functional, innovative apps?

Above and beyond diagnostic data, this device has its app gallery as well as an always-on 3G connection. What this means is that you can use custom apps to make the adapter perform a myriad of tasks. The built-in 3G means it can call emergency services immediately after an accident. While the list of uses for smart diagnostics tech goes on, there’s no doubt investing a reasonable amount for this tech will improve your driving quality and experience significantly. 

The Future Of Innovative Vehicle Tech

With the tech industry hard at work in efforts to simplify every aspect of our daily lives, it is somewhat hard to imagine all the innovative tech we can look forward to in the near future. From 5G powered warning systems that will alert drivers of all potential obstacles on the route; from pedestrians to road works and everything in between, drivers can assume that the future of vehicle tech will be undeniable impressive. 

To mention a few other future innovations that are currently in the works, virtual visors, futuristic vehicle sensors, and solid-state batteries scratch only the surface. There’s no doubt that vehicle enthusiasts will be impressed with every new feature and function brought to life by tech minds around the world. Self-driving vehicles might be one of the most remarkable developments in the world of smart vehicle tech. However, when considered the costs of these vehicles, upgrading your car with small smart tech devices is potentially the best way to enhance your driving experience without having to fork out a small fortune. You will be able to continuously improve your driving experience with smaller innovations as they arrive on the market to enhance driving convenience as well as quality. 

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