The Top 10 Most Affordable Toyota Models

The original Toyota automotive designers got all their inspiration from American-designed vehicles. And as the manufacturer is acknowledged as one of the most durable cars globally, purchasing a new model on a budget is achievable. Toyota dealer, Utah is a great option to buy new and used models at excellent prices.  

That said, if you're looking at buying a new car, and you're after a budget-friendly vehicle, we've listed the top ten affordable models Toyota has to offer. 

Toyota Rav4

The Rav4 is the second most popular vehicle in America currently. Rav4 is an acronym for recreational active vehicle. This SUV is great for an adventurous family. With ample space for luggage for the whole family, you will be able to enjoy a journey that involves offroad traveling comfortably.  

With the latest features of collision avoidance technology, you will have one of the safest budget-friendly automobiles available. With a price tag starting at roughly twenty-five thousand dollars for the entry-level model and the TRD off-road edition, it will cost you about thirty-five thousand dollars. This is one of the few Suv's that has a four out of five rating for reliability. 

Toyota 86

If you're in search of a budget-friendly sports car, this is perfect for you, with the standard model effortlessly reaching a top speed of 140 miles per hour.  

This vehicle has the smallest steering wheel of any Toyota model, which is a remarkable feature that makes it perfect for making long-distance journeys more comfortable in your hands. Although you can fit four people into this car, it's not the most spacious vehicle around. 

With not much luggage space, you will find packing difficult with a large family. However, it is ideal for couples and solo drivers. With a price tag starting at nearly twenty-seven thousand, you can get yourself a sports car without breaking the bank. 

Toyota Prius 

This car is a hybrid model, making it more suitable for the environment and saving you money on fuel. As this car doesn't need electricity to charge, it charges simultaneously as you drive. When ready, it automatically switches to the battery and uses no fuel to drive. 

The Prius can go up to twenty-five miles before switching back to its fuel engine. The Prius is an excellent choice with just the right amount of space for an average-sized family and all the latest tech safety features that a hybrid car can offer. You will get a five-star safety rating with a price tag starting at twenty-five thousand dollars, and the limited model will cost about thirty-three thousand. 

Toyota Corolla

This has been one of the best-selling cars in the world since 1974. One of the reasons for this is every year, Toyota brings out breakthrough technology, and for the year 2021, the manufacturer introduced vehicle diagnostics through your mobile phone.  

This is extraordinary for a budget-friendly car, with a five-star rating and enough space for a family to travel comfortably for long distances or to work and school daily. There is enough storage to do all your family's shopping and a little extra. You will pay around twenty thousand dollars for the base model, and the XSE- Apex will cost approximately twenty-eight thousand.

Toyota Sienna

This minivan is capable of carrying eight passengers and luggage, making it great for larger families. And up to thirty-six miles per gallon, you can save on fuel costs when it comes to your average minivan fuel consumption, which is twenty-two miles per gallon.

The Sienna is at the top of the list for fuel economy in the minivan category. As many people who buy minivans have families and live busy lives. 

This model comes with a rear seat reminder that signals your dashboard display if the back doors have been opened before and are not opened again when you turn your engine off. With a starting price of close to thirty-five thousand, you can rest assured your family will be traveling in one of the best and safest minivans around. 

Toyota Camry

You could classify the Camry TRD as a sports car even though it's classified as a compact car. This car has a powerful engine, easily reaching one hundred thirty-five miles per hour. You can enjoy all the power of a sports car without paying excessively for one.  

The Camry TRD also has standard heated front seats and enough space for five people; this can be fantastic if you are looking for a family car with some of the perks of a sports car. This hybrid model can get up to forty-seven miles per gallon. The starting price is about Twenty-six thousand; you can have all the fun of a sports car and enough space for a family on a budget. 

Toyota Avalon

Rated as a premium sedan, this is the closest you will get to luxury when it comes to budget-friendly models. The Avalon is the largest front-wheel-drive vehicle and the flagship sedan for Toyota in many countries, including America. With a standard V6 engine, you will have enough power and safety features to drive this vehicle in areas with excessive snow or rain. 

With an excellent safety rating, you and your passengers will be safe on the roads in almost any weather condition. Starting at thirty-six thousand dollars and with the high-end model reaching forty-three thousand, you can find luxury at an affordable price. 

Toyota 4Runner

If you enjoy the outdoors and off-road adventures, this vehicle is perfect for any adventure with the assistance of the kinetic dynamic suspension system (KDSS). This system automatically detects the terrain and makes it effortless to control your vehicle, no matter how rough the terrain is. 

The 4runner has four out of five safety features, making it one of the safest SUVs. With a price tag starting at nearly thirty-seven thousand, this model is the perfect choice for a budget-friendly SUV.

Toyota Tacoma

A pick-up truck with the capacity to carry a thousand pounds and all the luxury you need if you get the TRD Pro package. A four-star rating and the second-highest rating in its class for safety makes it an excellent buy. The price tag starts at twenty-six thousand; you will be charged about twenty-eight thousand dollars for the luxury TDR pro. 

Toyota Tundra

Being the largest pick-up truck that Toyota manufactures as well as the most powerful. With a capacity to carry one and a half tons, you will be able to use this as a work vehicle as well as a car fit for traveling with your family.  

There have been few complaints about the truck's safety, giving it a four out of five safety rating, and the starting price at almost thirty-four thousand dollars.  

With Toyota planning on introducing up to seventy new electric models by 2025, it will be a great company to invest in. And because the brand is known for reliability and affordability, the brand has become a go-to option for many drivers.  

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