The Value of Variety – Why Research Pays off When Buying a New Car

Knowledge is power. An informed consumer is a savvy consumer. Gone are the days when it paid off to trust a brand and stick with them for life. Whether it’s utilities like the internet, gas, power or phones or insurance of financial products - it pays to do your research and find the best possible deal for you. And this advice applies when buying new products too. Get your Google on and find out the most you can about a product or service before deciding to buy. Cars are no exception to this rule. So let’s explore the value of variety and learn why research pays off when car shopping.

Check Out Car Offers, and Learn Their Cycles

Most major car brands put on particular car offers a few times a year. It’s worth waiting for these times or learning when they’ll be before deciding to buy. You could save thousands of dollars if you do this. For example, some dealerships will run an end of financial year sale, or plate clearances before the next year’s model come out. This is the perfect time to invest in a new set of wheels. Also here’s another hot tip - wait for after a hail storm. Some dealerships will sell minor hail-damaged stock at huge discounts. Some dealerships will often run weekend sales at random times of the year, so sign up for email lists and follow their social media to stay abreast of the deals. 

Some Brands Have A Reputation for Quality

There are some brands have a solid reputation for quality and others that have more consumer complaints per year. For example, Kia is a great brand that is known for quality manufacturing when compared to other brands. Spend a few hours on the internet looking up the most reliable car brands, and you’ll quickly learn which makes are worth your money and which ones you should steer clear off.

Mileage Matters

Fuel doesn’t grow on trees, and this will be your top expense for keeping the car on the road, after insurance and registration. So you’ll want to research the fuel efficiency of the models you’re considering. Here’s a tip - check out message boards and forums where owners report on their mileage because it can often vary from what the manufacturer states. You’ll find that larger cars are thirstier than smaller models, for obvious reasons.

Warranties Matter Too

Most brands are now offering seven-year factory warranty as standard, but some manufacturers are lagging in this. When researching makes, check out what sort of factory warranties are offered. These will often come paired with either included or capped-price servicing too, so that’s something else to consider when car shopping. While you hopefully won’t need to return your car for a warranty repair, it pays to have peace of mind knowing that should anything happen you won’t have to pay a cent. 

A Motoring Summary

Research pays with any new purchase, and especially so when it comes to buying a car. It’s worth learning the cycle of when brands and dealerships offer sales and timing your purchase in line with these. Some brands have a rock-solid reputation when compared to others, so factor this into your decision as well. Research the fuel efficiency of your shortlist, and investigate the level of warranty cover offered. Doing all these things will empower you to make the best possible purchase, and walk away satisfied knowing you’ve got the right car for your needs. Happy driving and stay safe on the roads! 

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