A Few Things to Consider When Using a Camper Van

Camper Vans have always been fun and popular among families for generations. Most of us do have fond memories from our childhood being in a camper van. You didn't have to sleep over in one to be happy because the excitement of just traveling in one was awesome. These campers were everywhere a few decades ago and used to be a great way for families to have fun together

Times have changed, and there are a few strong factors that have brought down the usage of camper vans today. Security and affordability are just a couple of those factors. It's not as safe as it uses to be and a good camper van can cost a small fortune. That being said, it is still a great vehicle to have, and it still can bring a person great joy as it once did so many years ago.

What Is A Camper Van?

A Camper Van is a vehicle that can be used for both transport and sleeping accommodation. It is roughly around the size of a medium to large panel van. Most specialized campers come equipped with most amenities needed in order to spend a few nights out at campsites. Some users convert their panel vans or people carriers into camper vans. This is usually due to financial reasons.

Some camper vans are also upgraded to have off road capabilities. They are upgraded by tuning companies in order to allow the owner to drive along rugged terrain and beach sand making it possible to camp out at the beach. There are also a few campers available with minimal off-road features that come standard from the factory.

A Few Things to Consider When Using a Camper Van


Not As Cheap As You Think It May Be

On paper, it actually does seem like a brilliant idea to swap out all future family holidays for a Camper. No more going through all that hassle to book accommodation at expensive hotels or lodges. You can just simply invest in a camper van and live life on the road. Or, at least just your holidays. But in practice, it doesn't really stack up to what we would expect it to. Instead, it can actually work out to be more expensive than your usual holiday.

With the constant rise in inflation, Buying and maintaining a camper van can become a very costly affair. Some of the average mid-range models are more expensive than a new luxury BMW sedan. The service schedule on a vehicle like this can also become very costly, especially on a diesel model. The service parts are priced higher than your average vehicle. The reality of this becomes evident if you do plan to keep the camper for many years after the warranty and service plan has expired. The Fuel consumption is also much higher than your average vehicle (even with diesel variants).

If you are reluctant in making a long term decision to buy a camper, it is advisable to hire one for a few occasions. This can be a trial run to see if it is worth your while investing in one. There are great models available. You will be surprised at how affordable some models are to hire.


Can Still Be Seen As A Better Alternative To Recreational Vehicles

Maintaining a camper van doesn't come cheap. But it's certainly much more economical than a Recreational Vehicle. The high fuel consumption of a camper is still a better choice over an RV. Campervans are also easy to maneuver than an RV. You can easily find parking at your favorite campsite, and you can also parallel park if need be.

Another great advantage a camper van has over an RV is that it can still be used as an everyday run around. You can use it to do your shopping or carpool during the week and use it for going out and camping on the weekends. A Recreational Vehicle will be too much of a hassle to drive around during the week to fetch the kids from school.


Most camper vans are versatile

Campervans come with the amazing features and luxuries that you would expect from vehicles of this size and price. A good camper van will also include features similar to motel rooms like cooktops, television, refrigerators and roof air conditioners. You can use a camper to transport 7 people around town, and you can convert it into sleep mode which will give you space for around 4 adults to sleep.

You can even use a camper to transport goods like a panel van. Seats and compartments easily slide away and detach to offer more room for storage. You can even load your favorite Pellet Grill and Smokers into a camper van and BBQ in style at the camp site. If a BBQ is not your thing, then you could make use of other facilities available in your camper. Most camper vans also have an eating mode which you can convert the vehicle into a kitchen and dining area.


Freedom To Stay Anywhere

While it is advisable only to stay at campsites, the truth is you can go anywhere you please in your camper van. If you are on a long distance road trip and feel the need to stop at a lake and stay over and enjoy the beautiful views, then you most certainly can. This can be seen as a great bonding experience for you and your family. Everyone can experience the fun together and not in different rooms.

The only downside to this is that you are not able to camp in certain areas. Especially private property. You can be heavily fined or attacked by the owners of that property. Being this adventurous can also be very risky if you plan to stay the night in an area that you don't know too well. The good news is that most countries do have an abundance of beautiful campsites with good facilities at your disposal.

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