Tips For Buying Car Battery Chargers

If your car won’t start, the most likely culprit will be a dead battery.  Battery issues are actually the most common reason for a car having trouble starting.  This is why you need to have certain gear on hand like jumper cables and a battery charger so you can combat a dead or malfunctioning battery.  If you do not have a way to charge your lifeless battery, you may find yourself stranded and needing to be towed.

Why Do You Need A Charger?

Every engine, whether it is a boat, car or lawn mower engine, will need power to start.  In vehicles like cars and trucks, the power surge for the engine will come from the battery.  This means that the battery has to produce enough energy to turn the crankshaft over of the engine which gets it started.  Your car battery has been designed to recharge as the car is running, but there are times when the battery dies.  Without an operational battery, your car will never be able to start.

There are a lot of reasons why your battery could be dead.  The most common is that you have left a door open or the headlights on.  When the lights are left on overnight, they will drain the battery. It is also possible that your battery is not charging enough while the car is running.  This can happen when there is poor connectivity or some of the parts are faulty. 

Another common reason for a dead battery is that it is old and has to be replaced.  Older batteries will be unable to hold a charge in the same way that a younger battery can.  This results in them draining more frequently.

Charging Or Jump Starting?

If your battery is dead or close to dead, you will need to have some help getting your car started.  You will have 2 options to achieve this and they are battery charging or jump starting.

In order to jump-start your car, you will need a pair of jumper cables and another working car.  You will then hook up your dead battery to the running car using the cables.  The battery will then be charged by the running car’s battery.  When you crank the engine, the battery of the running car will support your battery to start the vehicle.  Once this happens, you can remove the jumper cables. 

Car charging is the other option that you have available.  This will require a charger unit which is connected to the batter and supply the energy to charge it.  This will eliminate the need for a second running vehicle and will be ideal for cars parked in a way that makes it hard to access another vehicle.  This is also the best solution for any times when you find yourself alone and unable to get a jump start. 

Unlike with the jump start, charging will charge the battery to a working capacity before you start the car.  This could take a few minutes or a few hours depending on the charger that you have.

Charge It with a Car Battery Charger

According to Zena Racing, there are 2 types of car chargers that you can use on your dead battery.  The first is a corded charger which plugs into a wall outlet and uses electricity to charge the battery.  This will be ideal if you want a steady stream of power and if you do not want to worry about the charger being drained. 

The other type is a portable charger that you can keep in your car for emergencies.  These chargers will not need a wall outlet and have their own power source.  These devices have been designed to remain in your car at all times and provide the charge you need when you are out and about. 

Portable car chargers come in a range of sizes and will have different features.  Some are considered more heavy-duty than others and you need to consider this.  When buying a portable charger, you need to ensure that it can support the power needed to start your car.

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