Tips to Maintain Your Garage Door in a Top Condition

Most probably, your garage door is the last thing you see when you leave your home and the first thing which greets you when you come back. The garage door may be the biggest moving part in your house which you open and close several times a day. A nationwide survey concluded that above 70% of people access their home using the garage doors. To make your garage door operating smoothly and safely, you need to maintain it at regular times. Many people ignore it to avoid the cost and time spent on it. But by following these simple tips to maintain your garage door, you can keep it in top condition without much effort and in an affordable way.

1 - Clean your garage door

As I mentioned before, the garage door is the first and last thing when you come and leave your house. If you keep garage door clean and beautiful, then it will add some relaxation and positive energy in you for sure. As per my thinking, you should clean your garage door at least once per year. And if you are living in a salt-air climate, then you should do this for more regular times.

For doing this, you can use cleaning solutions and accessories according to your garage door material type and size. This cleaning material is available at a cheap rate, and you may find them at your nearby store.

2 - Inspect it

Yes, you should make an inspection of your garage door once in a month at least. First, disconnect the power of your garage door opener if it is equipped. Then take a look at the opening and closing parts of the door like its springs, cables, hinges, and pulleys. If you find anything loose or frayed, then you should take service of professionals.

3 - Test the mechanism

The electric garage doors have a couple of safety mechanism that should be tested periodically. The one is a reverse mechanism and the second is photo eye. The first thing can be tested by putting a thing like a board under the door and then close it. The door should immediately reverse when touches the edge of the board. For testing the photo eye, shut the garage door and at the same time wave an object in front of the sensor.

The door should start re-opening immediately. If the garage door passes these both tests, then it is safe. Otherwise, you need to hire a technician. You can do such tests for different types of mechanisms of the garage door.

4 - Lubricating

Take consideration of the garage door manufacturer and lubricate the accessories like springs, hinges, and bearings. You can use a lubricant with a non-silicon based formula for it. A motor oil also useful for lubricating the garage door parts such as rollers. If the rollers are made of nylon, then take care that when you lubricate the bearings, the oil is not coming in contact with the nylon rollers. Remember that if you lubricate the roller tracks, then the garage door can behave unbalanced, so do not oil them. Follow the manufacturer’s manual to lubricate the garage door or take help from a service technician.

5 - Insulating the garage door

In the modern age, people don’t use their garage just for parking cars. But also using it for automotive tinkering, woodworking, and also for weightlifting! And for doing all these things, you need to make your garage comfortable and clean. If you do not want to insulate your garage fully, then you can cover the garage door only which also a good option.

Many of us think that just opening the door of the garage and starting the fan will make it fresh and cool, but we forget that it will not stop the heat from coming in. The perfect way to prevent the heat and insulate the garage is to use a best garage door insulation kit. You can insulate your garage in three ways; batt insulation, foam board insulation, and reflective insulation. The insulation kit will help you to make your garage quieter, cooler, and warmer.

The garage plays a significant role in our everyday living. It protects our vehicles, sometimes becomes a dumping ground for tools, cleaning our home products and other seasonal gears, and also some other hobby-feeling tasks like woodworking, maintaining cars and tinkering. Our garage door makes up to one-third from the total of our home exteriors, so we need to keep it in top condition. You can also get the help from the professional technicians who will help you to keep your garage doors and other things fresh and clean. And If you want to do this DIY home project on your own, then the above tips will surely help you to maintain your garage door in top condition.

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