Tips on how you can fix a leaking Windscreen?

October 4, 2021

Is your windscreen leaking? Here are some things to do!

Leaking windscreens can cause serious damage. A musty smell may be the first sign that there is a problem. This can happen after you wash your car or when it rains. If the leak is severe, you might notice damp spots on the carpet or water droplets in your car while driving in rainy weather. Interior rust and foggy windows are other signs of a leak. Windscreen leaks are very common, a faulty seal between your windscreen and your car frame can cause leaks. This is due to cracks, holes, and tears that may develop over time. We will discuss how to determine if your windscreen is leaking, what to do about it, and how to fix it.

Leaking Windscreens: What's the problem?

These problems are usually caused by autoglass or windscreen issues. Cracks, tears or holes in the seal can cause cracks, rips or other damage. These problems can develop over time or after an accident. A leaking windshield is not something you can ignore. The excess moisture inside your car will eventually cause mould and rust. These elements can have a serious impact on your health and the value of your vehicle. In areas where it is extremely cold during winter, water may get trapped in the windshield seal, which can freeze and expand, causing further damage. This could lead to cracks in your windscreen.

Poor Installation

Water leaking from your car is not always due to a defective seal. Leaking windscreens can also be caused by improper installation. Poor installation can lead to a whooshing sound while driving at high speeds.

  •  Unusual vibrating or rattling while driving  

  •  The frame was still holding on to old adhesive   

  •  The windscreen is not flush with the frame  

If your windscreen leaks and/or you have seen the symptoms, it is most likely due to an installation error. A technician might not have used the right tools or vacuum cups or performed the repair in the rain. The urethane won't stick to the damp surface.

A leak can also occur if your car is old. Rubber seals on older cars tend to deteriorate over time. Modern windscreens attach to the vehicle's body to create the watertight seal necessary for airbag systems to deploy correctly.

Other Leaks

You should not assume that water is coming from the windscreen.  It is easy for water to get through your windscreen through sealant leaks and poor installation, but also through vents from a broken air conditioner and through your car's body. Leakage can also occur around sunroofs or doors that aren't sealed properly.

If your windscreen has been in place for years, and suddenly you notice condensation or fogging, this could indicate that the seal is beginning to wear. It is possible for tiny leaks to go unnoticed for many months or even years, making it difficult to determine the source. We recommend that you take your vehicle to a professional windscreen repairer. However, there are DIY methods to fix a leaking windshield.

Locating the Windscreen Leak

It is important to identify any possible causes of the leak. This also includes if the car window isn’t completely closed.

Hose Technique

Once you have ruled out any other causes of the leak, another person will be needed to assist you. One person will be inside the vehicle while another person pours water over the seal. This is easier if you have a hose. However, it is important that the pressure be low. You want to maintain a steady stream of water and not spray it everywhere. You should slowly work your way around the windscreen. The person in the car should be checking for water drips.

Soap Technique

Next, you will want to use soapy water. Use a sponge or a cloth to clean the windscreen edges with soapy water. You don't want soapy water to run off the edge of your windscreen. After you have finished, make sure all windows and doors are closed tightly. The person who is inside the car should turn the ventilation system up with the defog/demister on. This will ensure that air flows below your windscreen. You should now inspect the windscreen's exterior for air leakage from the inside. This will cause the soapy water bubbles to build up around the windscreen seal. This will cause the soapy water to form more bubbles.

Car wash

You don't need a friend to help you, but an automatic car wash can be a good option. You may have a leak if water is dripping from the car.

Can a leaky windscreen be fixed?

Sometimes, it's possible for car owners to repair small tears or holes in the windscreen seal. You can do this with windscreen sealants that you can purchase at most auto parts shops. Before applying the sealant, you should test its consistency.

Some sealants can be more liquid so you need to apply them carefully. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of damage to your car. For additional protection against sealant, it is important that you cover the area around your windscreen. Sealants dry quickly so that you can drive again as soon as possible.

Are You Having Trouble With Your Leaking Windscreens?

Sometimes, the windscreen may need to be replaced because of severe leaking. For minor cases, you might be able to repair or seal the windscreen with sealant. If there is a serious leak, the entire windscreen must be replaced. It is important to understand that you cannot repair a windscreen by yourself. Only trained technicians are qualified to repair and replace your windscreen. 

Expert Help for Leaking Windscreens

A professional team of windscreen repair and replacement technicians can help you make the most of your leaking windshield. Emergency Windscreens' professional windscreen replacement and repair technicians have years of experience and extensive training. Our technicians are able to quickly diagnose the problem with your autoglass or windscreen and determine if you need a repair or a full replacement windscreen.

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