5 Best Electric Screwdrivers: A Review

The world without screwdrivers is unimaginable. Every now and then we have to reach for them to fix some household utilities, indoor as well as outdoor. With the invention of the Best Electric Screwdrivers, our work is done at a much quicker pace and far more precisely. Rather than churning the traditional ones just put the new driver and you are done in a flash.

With this quick, effective and time-saving machine come some worth noting features like Circuit Sensor Technology to detect live wires and Wire Bender to protect the operator from coming into contact with current carrying wires and bend them without even touching them with naked hands.

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What is An Electric Screwdriver?


These are just like your manual drivers but are mechanically driven and run on electric current. They come with a host of features to make the job look easy and wrapped up more professionally. In a nutshell, if you want to save some time and manual labor go for an electrically operating screwdriver. It's fast, efficient, and requires little manual labor.

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What Should I Look For In Best Electric Screwdriver?


Like all electrical and motor driven equipment, the key factors we go after are:

Power Consumption

Well if you are willing to pay heavy bills and have enough cash to do so, you can opt to ignore this one and get yourself the most powerful driver of the market. But if you are reasonable and consider yourself a common man you ought to check the product for power consumption.

Power Of The Motor

A good motor can push the screws in, to the maximum extent. Also, motors that run on copper winding have less chance of succumbing to death due to burnout. Motor also decides how lasting your device could be.

Material Used For Bit

The force exerted by the motor on to the bit is immense and when it comes in contact with a screw the Newton's Third Law of Motion comes into play. What did the Newton propose in his third law? Simple, "To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Here, in this case, motor exerts the force on a bit; the bit onto the screw; then the screw returns the same amount of force to the bit; and bit back to the motor. As you can see, the bit is receiving a lot of churning in the middle, a weak material could not withstand it, and the bit will break up into pieces. So a good material is very important to have a long lasting bit.


Electrical devices must be check for shock-proofing. An electrical shock can send you to coma, or it could also take away your life. So shock-proofing is an important issue when dealing with such devices.

Top 5 Best Electric Screwdrivers For Faster And Safer Work

It's time to review some best-selling devices with a large number of happy and satisfied customer bases. The list follows as:

1. SKIL 2356-01 360 Quick-Select Electric Screwdriver

For people who love to fix household things by themselves quite often, this is worth buying. Its ability to store 12 bits in the rotating compartment on the tool is commendable. Now you don't need to climb up and down to get the right bit for the job. Simply rotate the rotating compartment to pick the right one. It literally lets you make quick selections on the go.

A 4V Lithium-ion battery capable of holding a charge for about 18 months is also worth to mention. It comes with a Micro-USB charger and cable, now so commonly available in markets for PCs and Cell Phones that you can charge it anytime anywhere. It also comes with a built-in LED light which you can use as a flashlight while working in the dark or the deep corners of your house. A forward/ reverse indicator indicates the direction in which you are turning the screw. All in all, it is a well-designed product for household users.


  • Amperage: 1.5
  • Battery: 4V Max Lithium Ion
  • No load rotations per minutes: 210
  • Chuck Size: 1/4
  • Chuck type: Hex
  • Weight: 1.2lb including 12 bits
  • Comes with 12 bits already mounted in the tool
  • You also get a micro-USB wall charger along the USB cable


  • Some durability issues with accessories
  • Directional selector switch is no very well designed

2. WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver

Taking things to the next level, this semi-automatic machine is known for its rapid-reloading technology. It comes preloaded with 12 bits within the tool, so you don't require to carrying on extra bits in your pocket. Automatic Bit-Shift Technology allows the user to quickly interchange the two sets of bits cartridges within the tool by moving the slide back and then forward. Thus, chances of misplacing the bits drop down remarkably. This tool is powered by long-lasting 4V Maximum Lithium-ion battery to go on for about 18 months without the need of charging too frequently.


  • Automatic bit-shift technology
  • Preloaded with 12 bits
  • 4V maximum Lithium-ion battery
  • Packaging is very nice
  • Good at producing a fair torque
  • Pretty good for medium level fixes


  • Not very well built
  • Torque produced is not as much as compared to its counterparts

3. HAMMERHEAD Electric Screwdriver

Circuit Sensor Technology to detect live wires from a distance of 1 inch minimizes the risk of receiving an electric shock while working near current carrying conductors. The need to touch an electric wire with tools that determine whether the current is still passing through it has come to an end. Place the screwdriver adjacent to the possible source of electric current and press the live wire detection button. A buzzer and an illuminated red light indicate that there is current through the source.After the circuit is turned off, the detector confirms that it's safe to continue the work. The 2 LED lights allow us to work in the dark optimally.


  • Battery: 4V Lithium-ion battery
  • No Load RPM: 230
  • Chuck size: 1/4 inch
  • Chuck type: Hex
  • Detection voltage range: 100Volt AC - 230Volt AC
  • Patented Circuit Sensor to detect current carrying conductor
  • The capability to detect live source from a distance of 1 inch is quite appreciable


  • As with some other devices the torque produced is not much

4. DEWALT DW920K-2 Electric Screwdriver

It was designed to equip professionals with an outstanding device. It is very powerful as evidenced by an 80 inch-pounds torque generating capability for maximum power to weight ratio. It comes with an equally powerful 7.2V compact NiCad battery to provide a proper support and enable it to stand for long working hours. It is uniquely adapted to work at variable speeds ranging from 0 to about 500 RPM. A forward/reverse trigger makes it a very versatile screwdriver available in the market.

Keeping in mind its powerful torque producing ability it was an utmost necessity to provide user a better grip. To counter this issue, an adjustable handle design was implemented which makes it user-friendly equipment.


  • Battery: 7.2V compact NiCad battery
  • Variable speed ranging from 0-500 rotations per minute
  • 80 inch-pounds maximum torque
  • Weight: 3.5lb for easy handling
  • Guaranty: 3 years, 90-day Money-back Guarantee
  • Adjustable 2 position handle (for in-line/pistol grip)
  • Powerful tool for professional


  • The bit holding mechanism fails to keep it in place and spits out the bit while driving screws in.

5. BLACK+DECKER BDCS20C Electric Screwdriver

BDCS20C is a powerful 180 RPM motor capable of driving in or pulling out screws from tight spaces. A 4V Max Lithium-ion battery is more than enough to provide. The inline trigger grip is so designed to give a better control and comfort ability to the handler. The best product in this niche for sure. This equipment meets all the requirements to carry out a large number of household fixes with ease and effectiveness. Although BLACK + DECKER has a number of similar products out there on Amazon; this is one of its two Best Selling products within the same range.


  • Battery: 4V Max Lithium-ion battery
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • No Load RPM: 180
  • 35 inch-pounds torque
  • 9 piece bits


  • The absence of bit storage space
  • The depth of chuck is shallow

The Verdict

You should look into a number of factors when you are in the market for a wonderful product. But the preference may differ from person to person. Some will look for a mighty screwdriver whereas some will go with a low power consuming device. Now while you review a number of devices, the chances are you will reach a point where you will have to ignore minor cons and highlight the pros.

In this case, the absence of bit storage space in BLACK + DECKER BDCS20C needs to be overlooked, and as you do so, it stands out as the winner. Better design, grip, torque producing capability and battery that really last longer are some advantages that automatically stands out if you pick any of the mentioned screwdrivers from BLACK + DECKER. Also, BDCS20C tops the list with a huge happy user base.

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