Top 5 Ford Thunderbird Models: Classic Car Buying Guide

Ford is behind numerous valuable vintage cars, such as the Ford XP Falcon and innumerable others. The iconic range of Ford Thunderbird models was created from 1955 all the way through to 2005, although some models are far more valuable and sought-after on the classic car market than others. There are a total of eleven generations of Ford Thunderbirds out there, and if you're a classic car collector or considering buying a classic car for the first time, you might be wondering what the best models are. Before purchasing a Thunderbird, you should find a retailer of authentic thunderbird parts to ensure your prized Thunderbird is always kept in mint condition. With that said, these are the top five Ford Thunderbird models of all time. 

1955 First-Generation Ford Thunderbird

Ford faced steep competition with other renowned manufacturers during production time, and this first-generation Thunderbird came head-to-head with the Chevrolet Corvette. While the Corvette showcased its muscle car parts and charming appeal, the Thunderbird stepped up as the first luxury car of its time, proving to be more about elegance and design and less about power and performance, creating a unique niche market of its own.  

2003 Eleventh-Generation Ford Thunderbird

The 2003 eleventh-generation Thunderbird might not be a classic car. However, there are definitive reasons to believe that it will be considered one later down the line, making it an excellent investment now for savvy collectors. The elegant car design grabs attention, and the initial sales on this model were astronomical. This model holds its value with its nostalgic and retro design. 

1964 Fourth-Generation Ford Thunderbird

This generation of Thunderbird came out in three different variations; the hardtop, the convertible, and the Landau. At this point, the Thunderbird already claimed its title as a luxury vehicle and still used its original 390-cubic-inch V8 engine. Even though later models showcased more powerful engines, the true value of this model is its luxury design that was undeniably unique to the era. This specific model also gained popularity after starring in iconic films such as Goldfinger, The Highlander: The Series, and Thunderball, to name but a few.  

1967 Fifth-Generation Ford Thunderbird

This generation of Thunderbird showcased various notable changes from previous models, one of which was a four-door car for the Landau model. One of the primary reasons for most of the changes was that Ford had released the iconic Mustang, and it has similar features to the Thunderbird, although it was slightly cheaper. Mainly, this is the first Thunderbird model that is notably larger than previous models, and it has four doors, the first of the range. 

1973 Sixth-Generation Ford Thunderbird

The sixth generation of the Thunderbird made an entrance onto the market as a large coupe, luxury, of course. This generation produced the most vehicles out of all the generations of the Thunderbird, making it a great collectors car, even though it's not the rarest of its kind. The large engine was another attention grabber for this model, and the overall design of the vehicle showcases significant changes from previous generations.

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