Top Smart Gadgets to Take for Your Next Camping Trip

The outdoors is only fun if you plan it right. Check these smart gadgets for your next camping trip.

In the present times, smart gadgets are everywhere. Technology has seeped into our homes, offices, and cars, and has made its way onto our bodies with the help of smartwatches, smart health trackers, and much more. However, it had yet to make its way onto the outdoors, which it has done with time. There are smart gadgets and outdoor technologies of great depth now. Here, we will be discussing the ones prevalent while traveling for camping. 

Smart gadgets connected with the help of wireless connections are the perfect solution for you to travel with ease, especially if you work from home, which doesn't have to be your actual home and can be anywhere in the United States, including while you're camping in the mountains.

These days you can simply get portable Wi-Fi hotspot devices, which can help you, connect with open Hotspots of an internet provider, for which you will have to sign up. However, if you are an Optimum customer, you can easily avail the multiple hotspots around the country because you have already signed up for its services and can even connect multiple devices. Many outdoor enthusiasts would say the connection to the internet should be forgone but why would you when you do not have to? 

With that in check, you can find these handy gadgets to take on your next camping trip, which will save you the hassle of feeling as if you have to survive in caveman mode.

1. Solar Powered Tents

  • This is the first of the must-have things. It is great to have your own tent and an upgrade with solar power makes it a worthy addition to your list. It provides protection and durability, which you will need while traveling. It will also provide lighting without having to find power outlets. They can easily be set up within minutes and ready to use. It allows you to camp without having to sacrifice the comfort of a good night's sleep and rest amidst the wilderness.

2. Jackery Explorer 1000

  • The best thing, if you are going off-grid, is to have power backups. This has twin 100W solar panels, which is superb in its work. You can keep your laptop, portable hotspot Wi-Fi devices, power banks, phones, drones, and power banks charged. The kit is pricy but has its perks with power, being robust, and being very reliable while traveling. It is also impact resistant and can be set up within 60 seconds to enjoy usage. However, it is heavy and solar panels are not waterproof. 

 3. Smart Water Bottles 

  • Smart water bottles may not be some big hit item, but sometimes the basic is essential. They are made from BPA-free plastic and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Water intake is vital while backpacking, camping, and on-the-go, thus it will help you keep a regulated check on your intake. Traveling without compromising on your health will only prove to be better in all ways. You can keep it up and charges your phone with power banks, while keeping additional power options, like the one we stated above with Jackery Explorer 1000. 

4. Portable Wood Burning Camp Stove

  • Focusing on health makes eating and taking nutrition while camping an important element to a peaceful time while traveling too. While not exactly a tech source, it is a portable wood-burning stove that is self-contained and mobile too. It works on external sources for fuel and so don’t have to also pack up supplies for making or heating food and water. It is durable and of great use for people traveling for camping, and hiking, and are on the go at all times for such spontaneous sprees.

5. Goal Zero Lighthouse 600 

  • Lastly, how can we not give the most basic but most important element a shoutout? Torches or flashlights just will not do, with their low power and collapsing nature at any point. However, a nice rechargeable lantern for use at all times sounds like the best bet. You would not want to be caught up in the dark dreary areas without a light source right? It has a low and bright light option. You can easily recharge it during the day with the Jackery Solar Generator or any other power source at your disposal. There is a crank handle on the top for charging. It is robust, with great lighting, long battery life, and built-in charge cable so you always have one. However, if it is damaged you must have secondary sources like a flashlight for emergencies.

End Note

Well, there you have it. Some of the best and most handy sources for your camping trip cover shelter, power, lighting, food, and water. These will for sure come in handy and keep your trips pleasing and peaceful. No need to enter the caveman era, when you can enjoy the wilderness and the thrill of camping, hiking, and so much more with ease.

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