Types of ATV Helmet: Something Must to Know

Don’t you just love that purring sound your engine makes when you start your ATV? It is then when you realize that you had only started taming the beast. You commit yourself on that wide road made of dirt, mud or even concrete and the purring sound persists reminding you can never tame it completely. That’s why I, just as any other knight facing his adventures, always make sure to have one of the best motorcycle helmets on my head.

What Does ATV In ATV Helmets Stand For?

ATV is an acronym which stands for all–terrain vehicle. They cover a wide range of vehicle types such as the quad, quad bikes, three-wheeler, etc. They are usually designed to be controlled by one person. Some countries forbid their street–usage so makes sure to check if you are allowed to ride them in your country before you consider buying one.

What’s The Use Of ATV Helmets?

Basically, if you want to feel safe on the road, you have to use an ATV helmet. No matter how a good rider you are, you will never know when an accident may strike and a helmet can potentially save your life. There are a lot of statements saying that ATV riding is more dangerous than riding a motorcycle. This is a fact because ATVs tend to be very unstable despite the fact they are built to have high-performance capabilities.

Other Reasons To Wear A Helmet

  • The wind force is strong when you are driving thus making it harder for you to hear different sounds while you are on the road, in snowing, you must wear snowmobile helmets. Helmets can reduce the effects of wind force thereby allow you to concentrate more on your surroundings.
  • If you are not an insect protein lover, you should consider getting yourself a helmet.
  • Shielding your eyes from the wind will help you see the road well.
  • Simply because it is stated by the law so you definitely have to wear one.

DOT Safety Standards

Before introducing to you the types of helmets you can choose from, you should be familiar with DOT safety standards and what they stand for. DOT safety standards are set by regulations given by official U.S. regulatory organization, and they cover the safety of motorcycle helmets.

Every helmet manufacturer must put its product through series of testing so that it could be determined whether the product is safe to use or not. Every helmet that doesn't meet up with the minimum set of safety requirements should not be sold in any store and should not be worn by any driver.

If you are not sure that the helmet that you are using or planning to buy has passed DOT’s testing, you can always check the back of the helmet. This is where you will find the DOT sticker which indicates that the helmet can provide you with the added protection that you need whenever you are on the road.

Types Of ATV Helmets

There are different types of helmets and each one has its pros and cons.In general, there are three main types of ATV helmets:

1. Full Face Helmets

2. Off-Road Helmets

3. Open Face Helmets

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