The Way You Handle Your Cars Says A Lot About You – What Kind of “Car Guy” are You?

There are more than one types of “car guys” out there, and each of them is easy to spot from a mile away simply because they present the same characteristics that have been seen time and time again. If a vehicle with all sorts of characteristics would burst through a wall, all the people in that room would most likely have varied opinions and reactions about it. So which one are you? Let’s take a deeper look at the different types of car people out there and see if there’s a match for what you usually do around cars.

The Guys That’s All About How a Car Feels

There are certain things that come into play when you are driving a car that just can’t be explained, at least not the way they feel like in the moment. There are certain people out there who live for that precise moment. What they love most is being able to feel the clutch and throttle as they let the steering wheel become an extension of their own bodies. That kind of connection and attention to how a car feels goes beyond technical details or car appearances for them.

For the same reason, you can’t expect them to give you a straight answer about a car until they’ve climbed behind the wheel and taken it for a spin. The most interesting thing about people that base their entire car experience on how a car feels when driven is that they’re not always up to date on the technical aspects. That means that even though they’re not that familiar with the inner workings of a car, they can tell you if there’s something wrong under the hood simply from the way it feels.

Grease Monkeys

These are the guys that just can’t wait to get their hands dirty and start working on something new. Whether it’s fixing, tweaking, tuning or just replacing, they’re always doing something to their cars, or their friends’ cars. They like the technical side of stuff when it comes to vehicles, and they never back down from an opportunity to get under the car or take a close look under the hood. While they enjoy the sound of a roaring engine just as much as the next fellow, they immediately start to think about how that sound was produced.

The most advantageous thing about being such a car enthusiast is obviously the fact that you never have to take your car in for repairs. They probably even let loose a small smile when there are strange noises coming from under the hood. It gives them a chance to put on their mechanic overalls and get their toolbox. For them it does not really work, it’s just a relaxing activity they can have fun with over the weekend.

Eye-candy Lovers

There are people who absolutely love to be under the hood, as mentioned. There are also people that want nothing to do with being under the hood, or anywhere else for that matter as long as it’s not in the actual car seat. What these guys like most are how a car looks. If it’s shining, new, and marvelous in appearance, they will like it. Anything else is just noise they prefer to block out. They will usually have someone else fix their cars but won’t shrug off any cleaning or exterior maintenance responsibilities.

For them, the way the car looks is the most important thing, and they make sure of letting everyone know that through the way in which they customize their vehicle appearance. Just to be clear, no one is saying that loving how a car looks is bad. It’s quite far away from the case.

However, most of us might agree that there’s more about a car that could interest a person. From its impressive engine capabilities to the history behind the maker and the achievements of the model, many things are worth the praise and attention. Nevertheless, people will like what people will like, and there are no two ways to go about it. That’s why it’s better to look on the bright side and be appreciative of as many automobile enthusiasts we can have amidst our ranks.

The “Transporters”

There are people who know a lot about cars, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into actual driving skills. The driving skill gap between two people can be massive even if their knowledge base is somewhat similar. That being said, there are people who take that steering wheel and can do amazing things with it. You might not catch them reading sports car magazines too often because they’re too busy on the road, getting better at actual driving.

These are the guys that you can see in a multitude of places, from doing drifts in competitions to just handling tricky traffic with unmatched elegance. They usually impress all their friends, who always want to ride in their cars when going somewhere as a group. When everyone in the room is gasping and awing at the newest Fast and Furious movie, they are usually the ones that don't impress. The funny thing is that they could probably take on Vin Diesel in a street race any day of the week

So there you have it, these are some of the different types of “car guys” that you can find. Are you one of them? If not, it’s alright. It means that you can create your own persona and pertain to your own style which is always cool.

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