Ways to Make Money With Your Car Other Than Uber

December 17, 2017

The truth is, we could all use some extra cash, even if it’s just something to put away in savings. With the rise of rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft, more and more drivers are using their cars as a way of supplementing their income. Through these apps, they can use their own car as a cab alternative, taking on as many or as few rides as they’d like. Many rideshare drivers claim it’s a second job that allows them to pad their savings and meet interesting people.

But Uber isn’t for everyone. Not every driver has time to take on enough rides to make money with Uber, or considers themselves particularly good with directions, or likes the idea of strangers riding in their car. Many of those drivers find themselves wondering if there’s another way to supplement their income using their car. Fortunately, there are several. Here are some of our favorites:

Become a Delivery Driver


Like the idea of Uber but don’t like the thought of having strangers in your car (particularly drunk strangers)? One alternative is to start taking deliveries. In the same way that Lyft and Uber use an app to pick up passengers, services like Amazon Flex and GrubHub hire freelance delivery drivers to deliver food from restaurants that don’t have their own delivery service or to run errands for customers. Just like Uber, you can take on as much or little work as you need to supplement your income, but you can also retain some of your privacy.

Put Your Car Up for Rent

Let’s say you only use your car two or three times a week. You still need a car to get around, just not as much as you did when you first bought it. In this case, you might consider renting your car out to drivers who don’t have a car of their own or need a car for an upcoming vacation. Do you have a truck or an RV that you use once or twice a year? You can easily rent that out to campers so that it can continue to make you money, while you stay at home going about your life.

Make Room for Ads


If you drive frequently enough, there may be companies willing to pay you to put their ad on your car. Companies like Carvertise and Pay Me for Driving accept drivers looking to place ads on their car. Essentially the company will pay you to put an advertising wrap on your car promoting their business. It’s good marketing for the company and its money in your pocket. But be careful to avoid scams when looking for or receiving offers from companies to put their ad on your car. Any company that asks for money upfront from the driver, promising they’ll make it back in time, is probably a scam and has little interest in actually doing business with the driver. 

Long Distance Rideshare


Rideshares like Uber tend to be most effective for short distance destinations: something within the city or at least the general region. Any more, and it can become too expensive for the passenger...and exhausting for the driver. Long distance rideshare services, like OpenRide, work best for drivers who like to travel. Let’s say you live in Georgia but you’re planning on taking a trip to Vermont in a few months, and you’d like to offer someone a ride. You can post your destination and the day you plan to leave, or search requests for rides from people headed to your same destination. Then you just pick that person up, offer them a ride, and they pitch in for gas. Traveling a long distance alone can be a little boring. This is a great way to make the trip more interesting and help you make some money.

Sell Your Car


Obviously, this is a final way of making money with your car, and it won’t work for everyone. However, if you find that you don’t need your car anymore, that you’re not getting much use out of it, or someone else has offered you a car that would allow you to save money, selling your car is a good way to make some extra cash. Even if your car is beyond use, you can always sell it for parts. You may have a friend or friend-of-a-friend interested in buying your car, but if not, there are companies and apps that provide easy ways to sell your car and get paid right away. Driveo is one company that allows drivers to explain the condition of their car, emails them a quote, and within 30 days they can simply stop by the office, hand in their car, and walk away with a check. 


Whatever you choose as a way to make money with your car, always keep in mind the added costs that come with it. If you rent out your car or become a delivery or errand driver, you will need to fill up with gas more frequently. Almost anything you choose (besides selling your car) will affect your insurance and could cause your premiums to go up. The amount of free time you have is also an important consideration for many of these options. The good news is, with so many different ways to make money with your car, you can easily find something that fits into your schedule and earns you a profit. 

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