Ways to Fix Dents and Scratches on Cars

Three things are guaranteed in life: death, taxes, and receiving a dent in your car. One of the drawbacks which come from owning a car is that you are always at risk of getting a dent in your beloved car, and there is nothing that you can do to avoid it. Even if you are an expert driver and drive carefully, another driver can hit you from behind and leave a lasting impression on your car. You can also count in other small incidents such as runaway shopping carts, light posts, or soccer balls, which may strike your vehicle and leave a minor dent.  

Naturally, the first thing that you do after getting a dent is to think of the way to get it repaired so that your car looks the way that it should. One of the easiest options is to take it to a repair shop or visit your mechanic, but the downside is that their charges can be a little high compared to what you are willing to pay. Most likely, you would not be prepared to part with 250 dollars just to get that small dent on your bonnet removed, so here are some options that you can try to save that hard-earned money of yours.  

1. Use boiling water:

Although you might be surprised to hear it, boiling water has more uses than just brewing tea. A common way to receive a dent is while you are reversing your car when parking, and you are in proximity with something that leaves scratches on your bumper. Since bumpers are designed to crumble easily, you can use the boiling water to remove the minor bumps by pouring onto it and them pushing the dent out.  

Despite taking driving lessons from ezlicence, you may end up getting scratches on your car; hence it is necessary if you want to save some money that you follow the above tip the next time you receive a dent in your vehicle.

2. Use a Plunger:

A plunger is useful in various ways and can also be used to remove the dent in your car. A plunger can be utilized to remove a large dint from your car provided certain conditions such as there is not any crease or hole present on the affected area. You should put the head of the plunger in the dented area and pop the dent out. It is also advisable to use water during the process so that it reduces friction, which would make your work a lot harder. Though it is noteworthy that the process might take some time since you will have to repeat the process often to level the surface out. 

3. Use a Hammer:

A tool that has helped us out in many situations is a hammer, and it can also be used for removing the dents in your car. If you have a little dent on your bumper, you can simply use a hammer on the backside of the dent and simply hammer away until the dent comes out. It is better to practice precaution as if you overdo it; you will simply beat it out of shape. A hammer is completely fine if you are dealing with small and medium dents while a mallet will do the job for larger dents.  

4. Use a hairdryer:

One way that you can remove a car dent is by using a hairdryer along with compressed air. A hairdryer will do the same job as boiling water since it will increase the surface temperature of the dent and make it easier for you to move the out-of-shape part back into its proper place. You should start by heating the dented area with the highest temperature of the hairdryer and then use compressed air and start spraying it in the same area. It will lead to plastic contracting due to the cold air, and the dent will soon pop out.  

5. Use Dry Ice:

An unconventional method to remove dents is through the use of dry ice. It is highly effective on small dents and will cause the dent to pop out by contracting the plastic around it. However, you must take preventive measures and handle dry ice while wearing protective gloves to prevent your hands from getting harmed. You can use dry ice according to the situation. 


In short, there is no need to spend a lot of money on getting the minor of dents fixed by going to the shop. You should simply try these tricks first since many of them are highly effective, and you can easily try them out. There are multiple options that you can choose to treat those dents which your car has received, and you would not be spending too much money while trying out these methods. 


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