What are the Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet In the Market Today

Motorcycle riding can be the blast. As you go out driving your motor, there is not better the feeling than being free on the road. However, along with driving is your being prone to accidents so make sure that you are safe when using you are on the road. The rules are, “Always wear your helmet” and “Do not use mobile phones when driving”, for motorcycle drivers and riders. No one knows when and where an accident will occur. But while getting calls and talking to someone on the phone while you are driving are inevitable sometimes, it would be such a relief to be able to do the same without the need to hold your phone. The good news is that with the latest trends technology these days, everything is already possible. Thanks to Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets, now, motorcycle drivers and riders today no longer have to worry about getting into an accident for answering an urgent call while driving.


A Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is simply a helmet that has bluetooth capability, so anyone on the road and driving a motorcycle can actually talk to someone over the phone without the need to reach on to his pocket and hold the phone next to his ears. With these amazing helmets, anyone can drive safely and use their phone effectively. You will even have the choice to play tunes using these Bluetooth helmets while driving. Sounds fun, right?

So here is a short list of the Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in the market today. Pick one from this list should you need one, one of these days.

#1 - O’Neal Racing Commander Bluetooth Helmet


Via: Amazon.com

This bluetooth motorcycle helmet comes in 3 great colors: black, white, and neon green. It is a no-hassle helmet that has a bluetooth built right inside. With the newest 2.0 technology, this bluetooth helmet has up to 10 hours of communication with two speakers on each side. There are easy controls that are one-touch, so you can redial, reject, or answer calls with the same, simple action. It has so many options with one-touch! If you are riding alongside another rider, this helmet has a 100-foot intercom that runs on a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

Alright, the bluetooth options are great, no doubt about it! Now, let’s talk about the helmet. This O’Neal helmet meets safety standards for both ECE and DOT. It has a sun visor that will keep the unnecessary light out of your eyes. The liner inside the helmet is washable because it made of a microfiber material. Aside from, adjustable vents keep the rider feeling cool and comfortable. With is therewith and sleek design, this helmet looks like you belong in motocross. This Commander helmet is worth taking a look at. You might even buy one, I bet!

#2 - HJC IS-Max 2 Modular Helmet


Via: Amazon.com

This helmet by HJC is a badass. With six different colors, you will have a lot of options to choose! This modular helmet has more options than just about any other bluetooth helmet on the market. If you are looking for some bang for your buck, then check this one out.

The HJC helmet made from a durable polycarbonate shell. The ventilation in it is just amazing. Also, with a drop-down cover, you will be able to protect your eyes from the sun or objects that fly off the road using this baby. The UV protection is fantastic with a 95% succession rate. If your helmet lining is in need of a wash, just remove the interior completely. It is also anti-bacterial, so you will be at ease with what you put your head into.

Lastly, a Double D-Ring strap is used for the chin to stay safely comfortable. Being DOT approved, this helmet is ready for any type of motorcycle rider and can be bluetooth accessible. Give this helmet a chance to change the way you think about bluetooth motorcycle helmets.

#3 - Shark Evoline 3 Mezcal Chrome Helmet


Via: Amazon.com

If you are looking for one hot model, you have come to the right place with the Shark Evoline 3 Mezcal Chrome Helmet. This helmet has an “Auto-Up” chin bar, improved ventilation features, and reduced sounds that come from the outside. The Evoline Series is bluetooth accessible if you are in need. With a helmet that weighs less than most, you are looking at a device that most helmet manufacturers could only dream of. The outside of the helmet has a wonderful anti-scratch solution, which will keep it looking like new. It has a buckle system that micro locks and a visor that can be released or added to the helmet.

This DOT approved device is safe and resourceful all at the same time. With a five year warranty, you won’t have to worry if your device has a malfunction because you will be able to replace or fix the helmet at no extra cost. No other helmet companies offer great value like Shark does. So, you better check them out today!

#4 - Nolan N44 Helmet


Via: Amazon.com

Looking at this helmet for the first time, made us think that whoever wears this will look like they are going into a contaminated area. It almost looks like something straight out of a science-fiction movie. But, this helmet for the road! This bluetooth motorcycle helmet has eight great colors to choose from and seven sizes to fit your needs. Few manufacturers go the extra mile like the company Nolan does. This is not a gimmicky helmet. The real deal is in this product.

One of the best features that the N44 Helmet brings is its removable face shield. At anytime you can take it off or replace it simply and effectively. For extra safety, the chin strap has a double lock system to keep the helmet comfortably on the head. Vents have been added naturally into the design, and they are adjustable to fit the airflow that you need, while you drive down the road. This 6 in 1 design is perfect to turn heads, and effectively put together with your safety in mind. Depending on your needs, there are many accessory options that are quick and easy to improve.

If you do want to add a bluetooth, the N-Com communication system was created for you to talk to others around or directly over the phone specifically. The shell of this helmet is only 3.5 pounds, so you won’t feel like it is weighing you down. If you need to clean the liner inside the helmet, it is easily washable and was created to be bacterial and fungal clean. A high-priority for the Nolan industry was for its products to be DOT and ECE certified, and they achieved that easily. So, understand that safety comes first and the sleek design comes second. None of Nolan’s products will ever substitute safety for anything else because they care for their customers. Their products save lives every single day of the week, so you can trust their business.

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