What do you need to know about before buying vehicles from Japan?

Not every but most of the people around the globe is importing Japanese used cars. These Japanese used vehicles have less insurance, high quality, and excellent fuel consumption. But there is some sort of things you must be aware of before buying a used car from the Japanese. After you can check out Japan’s used vehicles and buy them if you wish to.   

Most of us have a passion for brand new cars and won’t risk our money on a used vehicle. But if you have willed to buy a used car, there are some facts that you should take into consideration before that. 

Right Exporter 

If you are an international buyer, you must check the right exporter before buying your Japanese used car. There are some points you should note. 

  • Rely on those who are in this business for more than 10 years or more. 
  • The company must be registered and have a police verification certificate. 
  • Legal telephone number of the exporter. 
  • Check their address on Google, their email, and the owner of the domain of the website those who are selling Japanese used vehicles. 
  • Reliability of the Car 

    The Japanese government has set up a rule for vehicles that they should go quality inspection before being exported. Those vehicles which have passed through get a certificate from Japan Automobile Appraisal Institute, for which you must pay. This ensures you that the car you are buying meets your requirements and your expectation from the exporter.  

    In addition, you must check all the documents of the car. They must be legal or otherwise you’ll be facing problems in future. 

    Stock and Pricing 

    Before stepping up, check the stock and pricing of the exporters you have selected. You can get an idea of the, and what they are selling. If your car is from Auction, try checking pictures, details, chassis numbers, and in the end, compare them with the inspection sheet.  

    Furthermore, write down the prices of sellers/exporters for the same model of the car. It will help you to observe the right seller and the market of the Japanese used vehicles.


    You can just call your friend who is fluent in speaking Japanese or there are translators available, you can hire them to communicate with your exporters. The dealer will only speak a little bit of English as they are not native speakers, otherwise, you will just get lost in conversation.   

    Cost of the Car

    The cost of the car will be less if you are buying while living in Japan or exporting otherwise, it is much more expensive if you are willing to buy it locally. Because there is an addition of import taxes, fees, certification cost, and overall cost of the Japanese used vehicle.

    Payment and Delivery terms 

    Once you are aware of the car's condition, the cost of the car, and the market. Now, choose a reliable exporter from your list. With that, you won’t face any kind of inconvenience and no obstinate in driving your new car with comfort. 

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