Boosting Cars To Life

Boosting a car may have a different meaning to someone whose car has a lower horsepower and torque, and another car owner whose battery is dead and he need to jump start. Fast cars are the trend these days. You don't want a car that has a gorgeous body but goes slower. On the other hand, you could wake up one day to a dead battery car that cannot heat up the engine. That is when boosting comes in.

What is Boosting Cars

There is nothing sad in life especially for a car owner or a driver than experiencing an end to a battery life, and you are in the middle of nowhere, and the weather seems a little bit bad. You may try to stop the other motorists and ask for their help. Well, some may respond positively while other may ignore you and your problems and pass you by like they didn't see anything. It happens all the time. In case you get lucky, then there are certain procedures on how you can boost your car battery to life and be able to continue with your journey. If you get unlucky, you better prepare to either call a towing company to come to your rescue or leave your car by the roadside and go look for help somewhere else.

Boosting the Battery of Your Car

Dead battery shenanigans happen all the time. There are many possible reasons that could result in the death of your car battery. One of them is leaving your car unused for longer periods of time. If your garage is that cold, then storing the car battery in a freezing condition could cause the battery power to die and because of that, you need the garage heater. Forgetfulness, like parking your car without turning off the headlights and any light source in the car could cause the battery to die. The worst thing to do is trying to boost a damaged car battery. It could explode. So, before you carry out the procedure, you need to wear you protective eyeglasses and rubber gloves and turn off anything that is on.

You need a car that is running and the jumper cables. You then have to turn off the running car before you connect the Clippers and draw power from the live car battery. That is a safety measure. You also need to ascertain that the physical condition of your dead battery is in good condition before connecting the Clippers.

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Take the jumper cables of your dead battery and ensure that they do not come in contact with each other. Always make sure you hold the insulated parts. The cables have clumps on each end point. Take the red cable and connect the red clamp to the positive terminal of the live car battery and the other red clamp on the positive terminal of the dead battery. You then take the black cable and connect one clamp end to the negative terminal of the live battery. The other black clamp is connected to the earth metal on the dead car. Any good ground connection works. Connecting the black clamp to the negative terminal of a live battery could result in hydrogen gas production in the dead battery, and it may sprout.

It is always safe to have an umbrella if you are trying to jumpstart when it is raining because water is a good conductor of electricity and you might end up getting a shock

In case your battery fails to jumpstart, you will have no option but to call the towing company and get yourself a new battery.

Boosting Your Car's Horsepower

To increase the torque and horsepower of your vehicle, you have to get yourself an upgrade of an exhaust system. This will boost up to ten times your normal horsepower, and If your car happens to have a supercharger, then you will experience the ultimate horsepower. The use of test-pipes also greatly increase the horsepower of a car. The bigger the diameter of an exhaust pipe, the greater the torque and horsepower

Your car's performance depends highly on the weight of your car. The more you accessorize your car with the unnecessary equipment, the lesser its performance. Your car's speed (acceleration) will increase if you reduce the weight of your car.

Use of superchargers and turbochargers will enhance the power of an engine and eventually there will be a rise in horsepower. There are different types of superchargers available. So depending on the reason why you want to boost the horsepower of your vehicle, you can install one of the superchargers. Installing a supercharger is like a complete engine extreme makeover and your car will be burning large amounts of air and producing a lot of energy.

Bottom Line


Boosting the battery of your car is a simple but a dangerous move if not carefully implemented. Following the safety precautions will ensure a successful battery boost. Otherwise, you might end up either destroying both the cars or hurting yourself. The last option in case all else fail is to look for a new battery.

Boosting the torque and horsepower of your car is a great thing to do, but you will have to use thousands of dollars to do that. Installing superchargers, for instance, requires a lot of money. But powerful cars are everybody's fancy. The best thing to do is do boost what you can afford.

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