What to Look For in a New Subaru

A Subaru can be a great choice for a lot of reasons. Nabbing ten best-vehicle slots in the 2019 Consumer Reports rankings, it’s a brand that offers quality on many different levels, scoring well in performance, safety, and even environmental friendliness. One reason for the higher score is the use of advanced pedestrian-detection braking systems in Subaru cars, which can reduce risk quite a lot. This feature isn’t available on all Subarus though, which is why it’s important to do your research when buying any new car, even if you trust the brand. Digging into the details can not only help you avoid going home with a lemon, it can also help you get the best out of your new vehicle. 

That said, there’s a lot of exciting innovation going on at Subaru right now. So in addition to making sure you protect your new car purchase from common issues, consider taking advantage of features like the award-winning DriverFocus system. Or, if you’re willing to wait for 2020 models, there’s even more exciting new tech coming up from Subaru, including a new electric SUV being developed in conjunction with Toyota. 

Protection from Future Problems 

Still, one factor you should always consider when buying a new vehicle is the protection available for your purchase, whether in terms or warranties, maintenance plans, or anything else that will protect your purchase down the line. When buying a Subaru, inquire whether Subaru dealers in your region participate in the “Maintain the Love” program, which offers free maintenance for a limited time. This can help you get reliable performance from your car for years to come, with minimal hassle. This maintenance support, along with the detailed extended warranty for Subaru vehicles that is available for some purchases, will keep your new Subaru secure. 

Exciting Innovations and Features 

Once you know your vehicle will be protected from breakdowns and other issues down the line, it’s also worth digging into the innovative new features on Subaru vehicles. In addition to the advanced braking capabilities available on some Forester models, Subaru’s new DriverFocus system has won awards for the best safety innovation of 2019. This feature turns monitoring features back on the driver, analyzing alertness and other safety considerations. From there, it can refocus a distracted driver or alert you if you start to drift asleep. Combined with the pedestrian-spotting early braking system, it’s no wonder Subaru took the top spot overall in this year’s Consumer Reports ranking. 

On the environmental front too, Subaru is offering some impressive options. The 2019 Crosstrek, for instance, is one of the first vehicles to combine hybrid technology with real off-road capability. The emissions-free electric mode is still quite limited in terms of run time, but it’s a uniquely powerful hybrid vehicle nonetheless. 

Getting the Basics Right 

Beyond these key safety and environmental features, the remodeled 2019 Subaru Forester offers improved gas mileage, greater diver visibility, and a comfier, roomier interior. Plus, looking forward, Subaru is bringing back turbocharged engines on 2020 vehicles. The 2020 Outback, for instance, uses the flat-four turbocharged engine, which provides enough power to tow up to 3,500 pounds, and gets 30 miles per gallon on the highway. This efficient and powerful engine brings a lot of power back to new Subaru vehicles. If you need even more rugged options, the Onyx Edition Outback offers additional features like a power liftgate and even specially designed 18-inch wheels to help you tackle tough terrain. 

These truly modern vehicles are a great choice for safety-focused buyers who also want high performance. While some of the most exciting features won’t be available until 2020 models hit the market, the 2019 Forester and other current models offer a lot for the safety-focused buyer. Make sure to look out for the DriverFocus alert system and smart braking capabilities. Together with an extended warranty and maintenance protection, these features can make your new Subaru secure in every way.

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