What You Need To Know About INDYCAR

Car Racing has become one of the thrilling sports that many have come to love. Throughout the years, fans of these adventurous sport continue to grow in number. Over the past few years, many groups have emerged to make the car racing industry a more enjoyable scene for everybody. We have NASCAR, INDYCAR, and FIA.

FIA and NASCAR have come a long way back. They have been governing races for decades. Wining trophies from NASCAR and FIA is a big achievement for an auto racer.


INDYCAR is the youngest of the three prestigious racing organizers. INDYCAR started in 1994 under the Hulman and Company and since then INDYCAR has risen up to be one of the most look forward racing event of the year.

This car racing event determines the champion via point system. Whoever gets the highest points in the race will be crowned champion and at the same time, the champion will be awarded with a bonus of 1,000,000 US Dollars.

How it all Began

Indy Series was originally sanctioned by CART in 1979 but had decided to let the Indy series have its own sanctioning body, thus the emergence of the INDYCAR. INDYCAR was founded by Tony George in 1994. George wanted a race in an open-wheeled category that has a lower-cost alternative, thus the birth of the INDY series.

The Indy series become one of the thrilling car racing events in the world. It has the most challenging racing obstacle. It is a mixture of superspeedways, temporary circuits, road circuits and short ovals.

The cars used in this race are in the open-wheeled category and have a single seat. These cars have a 2.2 litre; twin turbo charged and direct inject v-6 engines that can run up to 12,000 RPM. They come along with a 500-700 horsepower to boost your speed. These car engines are supplied from Honda and Chevrolet and run and consume on E85 fuel. The name INDYCAR was officially used to call the sanctioning body of the Indy series on January 1, 2011.


photo source: http://www.indycar.com/News/2014/03/3-7-New-Format-Enhances-Indy-500-Qualifying-Battle

First Race

The first Indy series happened on January 26, 1996 in Lake Buenavista, Florida, USA. This Indy series was named as Indy 200. Racers had to finish 200 laps of the 1,609-kilometre race track; the said race was very exciting considering Buddy Lazier and Buzz Calkins were neck to neck in this race. In the end, Buzz Calkins won the race via point system.


Throughout the years, Indy Series has proven to be the fastest racing event compared to the other racing motorsport events; it has 96 races that have the most accurate timing for victory as it has the margin of less than one second. Over the past few races, the time finished by the top racers have a very little difference between them. There are 46 drivers who have gone through this race series with the margin speed of less than a second.   During the Indy races, cars would often speed up to 235 mph. Races are often held at the Indiana Motor Speedway.

INDY series

This series was known to be the prestigious racing event of the INDYCAR racing group. The Indy series are usually done on oval race tracks. However because of the scheduling problems with CART, another racing organization, INDYCAR was a force to use street circuits for races. In 2005, they started using the three-way street circuit tracks along with the oval stances. But in the later years, they were able to incorporate both oval stances and street circuit equally.

Better than other Racing Competition

Indy series is known to be one of the best and most accurate victories in the racing history but also they advocate the safety of its participants. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln Midwest Road Safety had created a barrier called SAFER for the Indy Series. These barriers were made to protect the drivers from the severe impact caused by car crashes. Aside from that, the INDYCAR often invites the Holmatro Safety team on their Indy races. This team helps the staff of the Indy races how to handle different emergency scenarios during the event. The INDYCAR also asked car seat makers to make a bigger version of these car seats for adults to make sure that the racers will not fly out from their cars during car accidents. They also have the best apparatus that can measure the speed of the racers up to one-tenth of a second.

Advocates for a cleaner and greener environment

Aside from the safety measures that this sanctioned body have created, this is the first racing event that advocates a cleaner and greener environment.

INDYCAR is the first racing competition that uses ethanol instead of engine fuel to use in their races. The ethanol has cleaner emissions compared to other fuels used for the car.

Aside from that, the INDYCAR, with the help of Safety-Kleen provides a better automotive liquid used by the teams and in the race tracks. These automotive liquids are disposable and are proven safe to use.

They also asked Firestone Racing to change the wheel. In the past, many drivers used the 3M lead wheel, but because of this advocacy, they had asked the company to provide them tires that are environmental friendly

The race tracks used for their competitions are renovated to lessen carbon footprints during races. They do these by encouraging water conservation, recycling and solar power

They also used recycled material such as papers, post material waste for their marketing materials.

Technology inspired by INDYCAR series

cars used in INDY series

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Because of their advocacy for a cleaner and greener environment, INDYCAR was able to ask many car manufacturers to invent various car parts that would help in making the car a more environment friendly vehicles.

They were the first organization that had asked car manufacturer to use rear view mirrors, which was not only used in Indy 500 but throughout the years.

They had asked Firestone racing company to make the tires for INDY series cars be available to the market. They also gathered data and did researches, alongside NASA and the United States Air Force, during the car crashes in car racing events through the ear accelerometers that are worn by the drivers and some of the experts that are in cockpits. With the help of these data, the government, car manufacturers, and other racing organization can now create rules and equipment that will enhance the safety precautions for the participants in the racing events.

They were able to create a better seatbelt for racing. This seatbelt may look like a car seat for kids; however these car seats will have a better grip of the driver when he moves along the race tracks.

The direct-injected, twin turbo charged formula used in these cars is compared to the power used in power plants that are being used by many car manufacturers all over the world. These engines were building to create a vehicle that is environmental friendly and at the same time fuel efficient.

INDYCAR is indeed one of a kind. Its advocacy for the environment and its love for the sport has created many inventions for those people who are looking for the adrenaline rush in a race. If you are aspiring to be a car racer with a great love for the environment, then this racing organization might just be the one for you

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