Why We Need to Choose The Automated Car Wash

When your car is dirty, you have a few options on how to get it clean. You could get out the hose at home, go to an automated car wash, or get your car detailed. Getting your car detailed goes beyond just paying someone else to wash your car.

Automated Versus Hand Washing

A typical car wash involves the use of high-pressure water to get dirt and bugs off the car. When you get your car detailed, the person hand washes the vehicle and uses rags and other tools to scrub the bugs and dirt off the vehicle. With an automated car wash, typically a wax is sprayed on the car as a finishing touch. It just can't compare to the care done by the hand waxing completed through detailing.

Attention to the Small Details

With a traditional car wash, the pressure of the water does a decent job of making your car look clean. Although your car looks clean from afar, up close, the difference is noticeable. Having the vehicle detailed means someone uses different methods to clean different parts of your car, such as a soft bristle brush to clean the tires and a particular solution on the glass to make sure it's streak free. This attention to the small details makes a big difference in the overall appearance of your car.

Resale Value

A detail that many people don't consider is the improvement in resale value from getting your car detailed regularly. Your car will be in better shape from more frequent attention, but that's not the only reason the resale value is higher. When a buyer knows you had your car professional cleaned, that translates to how you've taken care of the vehicle. They will assume you cared for your car with oil changes and other regular maintenance making it a smarter purchase than someone who didn't put as much care into their vehicle.

Using a power washer to clean your car can lower your resale value, too, because it's known to cause damage to the outside of your vehicle. That much force is abrasive to your paint and can wear down the finish over time. The high water pressure can also damage the tire wall if it's held in one spot for too long.

The Deep Clean Difference

Having your car detailed makes sure that it gets deep cleaned. A full detail includes degreasers for certain parts of the car, which is something an automated wash can't tackle. With a full detail, the engine gets cleaned. Restoring the headlights is also a part of the detail. The entire interior is vacuumed and shampooed. This type of cleaning gets all the dirt, crumbs, and debris out from the inside of every nook and cranny in your car. The vacuum at the car wash just can't get into every tight spot in your car.

Getting your car detailed makes sure that you don't damage your car with the water pressure, and every crevice is perfectly clean. Without the proper tools, it's just not possible to get your vehicle as clean on your own.

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