Why You Need To Pay Attention To Car’s DRS?

The drag reduction system, or also called as DRS, is a type of bodywork that can be adjusted by the driver. This is meant for reducing the aerodynamic drag whenever top speed increases so then overtaking can be provided with ease when racing with cars. This is a system meant for racers, and the same as with its implementation, the drag reduction system must also be monitored at all times due to a lot of reasons.

Note that most racers, especially the professional ones, who tend to do overtakes and increased speeds tend to make sure that they check out their drag reduction system every now and then due to a lot of very important reasons. These reasons why it’s a must to be monitored is extremely a must to consider since it will be very vital for you once you’re in the racetrack and you’re attempting to overtake your competitor.

In Formula One events, the drag reduction system is capable of opening an adjustable type of flap located on the rear wing of the vehicle in order to reduce drag. In this way, it can provide you a better speed when running already fast, and that can give you an advantage against the competitor that you want to pass through as you overtake.

Understanding its Functionality

drag reduction system

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The help of this feature is actually capable of helping you increase speeds by 10kmph once the flap is fully activated. Once you close the flap, downforce happens so then you can effectively corner the competitor that’s now behind you. In this way, the opponent will tend to slow down to prevent accidents, and you will be able to effectively take the upper lead than your previous competitor.

However, this type of device is usually applied only during a race where two racing laps have been completed. There will be penalties applied to those who won’t follow this crucial rule, and this will also give racers a bit of thrill as they can finally undergo higher speeds than usual so then they can reach first place.

The following reasons why the drag reduction system is extremely important was already applied by a lot of racers in the long run. The help of the system was able to guarantee the racers a better time racing, as well as hone their skills further. Here are the reasons why you need to pay attention to this very vital system in every racecar during any racing event:

To Guarantee Safety

The very first reason why you must remember why this is very important to monitor is due to the fact that it can assure you safety. Remember that using this one will involve a lot of speed, and you might cause a grave accident in the racetrack once you try and risk it all without checking your drag reduction system is it’s already safe to use. Always monitor your timing when using it in order for you to prevent danger such as collisions with other vehicles.

When turning it down, it’s always safe to monitor it because it will help you and your competitor behind you feel safe under high speeds. It will give you an advantage as the driver will slow down, and at the same time will give others safety advantages as they realize that it’s time to slow down like you’re doing.

To Limit your Speed

Note that paying attention to this feature is extremely important as the speeds will go really up. Speed might be the important factor that you need to consider in order to win, but this is not just all about going straight for you to win the game. There will be times where you might need to consider slowing down a bit whenever you want to make turns and whenever an opponent tries to corner you behind them.

Once the flaps are always open, turning will also be a very hard time to do, and it can cause dangerous accidents. Note that there are lots of instances where others experienced an accident due to overuse of this feature since others thought that it can help them reach better speeds than ever.

Always remember to turn off the drag reduction system in order for you to guarantee safety during certain times where you might need to slow down, or at least turn a bit on the next curve that you will encounter on the race track. Rest assured that this will also serve as a safety precaution in order for you to keep on going without getting you gravely injured as well.

To Overtake

formula one vehicle overtaking

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Let’s set aside the fact that you will be playing safe. There will be times where you might need to take risks for a split second and overtake whenever you plan on getting ahead of your competitor. The most notable time where you might need to pay attention on your drag reduction system is during times where overtaking is crucially needed.

Once you turn on the flaps if you’re somewhat beside your opponent already, rest assured that overtaking will never be a problem. That’s the main reason why this is important, and this is the very functionality of the drag reduction system as it gives you more advantage when overtaking, especially when you and your opponent are running at the same levels of speed.

If you want more tips when timing your drag reduction system right, always consider one second away for your speed time before you turn it on. This will guarantee you a better way to lower your time and beat your opponent off without worry.

To Go Straight

Always remember that the purpose of the drag reduction system is for the sake of straight paths. Always pay attention to the system, and be sure to turn it off whenever you reach a curve so then you will be able to feel a lot safer even when at high speeds.

However, it’s fine to say that you can use this all the time even when you’re at a very straight path. One of the most probable reasons why officials tend to set a rule of activating it on the second lap is due to the fact that racers need to study the curves and straight paths before risking it all with pure speed.

The rule itself is a great way to remind us that we need to learn the field first before we tend to use a feature that will allow extremity to be applied especially if you just love to take the lead. If you pay attention to both the road and the drag reduction system, rest assured that you will have no trouble in getting accidents, and at the same time win the race effectively thanks to your newly learned tip that we have for you.

This reminder in paying attention about the usage of your drag reduction system is for you to realize the different advantages and disadvantages of it as well. In this way, you will experience a better way to race effectively, and for you to perfectly utilize the functionality of this very nifty feature that’s added in your Formula One racecar. Now, learn how to practice this feature, and focus on it every time you turn it on so then you can have new techniques to apply once the real competition starts!

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